Blog #14: Read-Entalism-Tigo

To start off the blog, the story I am currently reading is called “Gangs”. Gangs is overall about the violence and gang activity in inner Los Angelus and how gangs move around the world so vast and affective. I have had this book I would say since the beginning of the year. This really shows that I only choose to read the book when it is necessary for points in class, which I need to work on finding a more enjoyable book and expanding my focus as a person. With this being said, the Friday readings do help me in fact keep my head in a book at least somewhat.

Next we have the overall unit of transcendentalism. Learning of this way of life was interesting to ME in the fact of how it is a very hard way of living due to the many steps one must follow and the tolerance needed to stick with the journey. We see the journey in the purest way from the “Song of Myself” excerpt by Walt Whitman. We see how Whitman learns to cut off all outside influnce and really key in on only God and nature to guide his life and make himself into a better person. Self-impovement is the main goal of transcendentalism, and that was the big take away from me.

Finally, coming up in classwe have the film “Vertigo”. The film is a very exciting one for me generally because it is a phycological thriller, which are some of them best films to me. having your mind fully manipulated to me sets a more true environment for the audience and having elements such as music and film moving be used will be very interesting to see. Overall a lot has been going on these past few weeks in class and there is so much more coming up.



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