Blog #12: Thoreau’s Attempt

After reading the excerpt from Walden, we can see many similarities and differences from Emerson’s perspective as well. When discussing similarities between the two, we see the bring back of . This is brought back due to how the character in “Where I Lived, and What I lived for” is searching for a mass of land to supposedly set up his life to be happy and or to bring his mind to a happy state. The two both have components of nature mentioned and also they discuss how a person’s life should not be determined by the society around them. Differences are then seen because of how in Thoreau’s excerpt we see more movement around and the mentioning of simplicity in life is used. The man in Thoreau’s excerpt seems to want to do things more for himself and his happiness is trying to be naturally found. In Emerson’s excerpt, we see how the woods mentioned is the first and main source of happiness and it seems that the woods will be a place , no matter what, that contains God-like powers and is a place of relief. This contrasts from the woods in Thoreau’s excerpt due to how we see the man struggle to live in the woods and he has to keep moving around to find a place of happiness. His home is hard to construct and it is said to be very open and not ready for the winter. This then leads on to “Could I try this experiment?”. My answer then is simply no, but due to many factors. The reasoning is mainly because of how today us modern teens and young adults see transcendentalism in places such as our home and we feel most comfortable and have confidence to grow in the classroom. Going out of our comfort zone would cause us to mentally collapse and if some of us were faced with this challenge/ experiment, it wouldn’t end well and would not be a successful experiment.

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