Blog # 7: Poetry

Poetry is a type of reading I’m not quite sure I will ever get into.  Sure, there are some poems we have read so far that have in fact interested me, but poetry overall I feel is for a certain type of person. One poem that at least opened my mind up more to this type of reading is  “The Cremation of Sam McGee”. This poem was about two men going on a trip in the cold and winterous setting of Yukon. These two are on the search for gold, but one of them (Sam McGee) can’t handle the cold and passes on in the process of the trip. His wishes were to be cremated if he passes, which is the other character’s job (Cap) to make sure he in fact does get cremated. The ending results in Sam getting cremated, but in a very creepy and paranormal matter of himself smiling in the furnace and wishing to be left alone during this process of cremation. This poem was very interesting to me and it felt like I was reading a normal, detailed story. With this, most poems to me are very confusing and the idea of the text isn’t delivered in a matter I understand.  A poem I didn’t really enjoy  that we read was “Eldarado”. This was mostly due to how it was two short of a story and used confusing text to try to make the reader understand the story in a certain way. You think because it was shorter and easier to read I would like it more, but that simply isn’t the case. That is why I said earlier; poems are really meant for a certain type of experienced reader. That is why to me “The Cremation of Sam McGee” was a good poem because it felt more like a story, not a poem in MY own mind. I guess you can say after all of this I’ve said that I still am not a big fan of poems. I believe they can be very interesting if you find one that relates to a topic you enjoy, but the overall matter of all this “stanza” and terminology in poetry is very confusing and unnecessary to me. Poetry has a very far way to go to impress me.

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