Blog #4: Setting in “Gangs”

Living in Bloomsburg , we never really experience any problems with gang violence and or criminal distractions on a daily basis. There are many factors to this such as our town size and or even the nice community we have, but the reality is that not every place in the world is as peaceful as our town. In “Gangs” we see the story base itself mostly out of Los Angeles, California, which is way larger than our current living area. Setting is hugely utilized because of how big and diverse Los Angeles really is! Characters such as Wesley McBride report about an area such as Los Angeles’s gang violence mainly because of its diversity and size. McBride also experiences many things through his career in California that maybe he wouldn’t experience in a small town such as Bloomsburg. It builds on to his toughness and wise mind, which is needed to be able to really report and help stabilize a situation such as gang violence. We also see in this setting that no only does it help develop characters, but it helps conduct more accurate studies. At the end of the day we all want to find the answer to a question in the best way possible, and researching a larger area would help a investigator/surveyor get a more accurate answer. Los Angeles brings in some of the most gang members in the US at almost 100,000  actual members contained in over 1,000 gangs! This helps us see how big of a problem gang violence is and that if we would’ve researched a small area like Bloomsburg, we wouldn’t have gotten as accurate of an answer and or seen the problem as that big of a deal. In the end, gang violence is something that is a major problem world wide, but in the end it is larger in some area than others. Los Angeles is perfect for the book “Gangs” because of how gang violence is so bad in the state of California that it needs to be addressed! In the end the purpose of this story is ti address and problem in the US, and setting mentioned is important so the reader can get accurate numbers and see the types of characters in the story that gangs possess.

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