Blog #2: Characterization

In the book “Gangs”, characters seem to be either the criminals or the ones hunting the criminals. Today I will be discussing a specific character who is hunting the bad. This character is Wesley McBride, a former Los Angeles County sheriff who is tough and has seen a lot in his time of work. McBride can be seen as a statistics-type of person due to how even though he has been on the field and seen crimes in person, he also conducts studies to help people see how these gangs and their destructive matter can affect a community. This, along with the fact of how he contributes to the community by speaking in front of schools and troubled young people, makes me believe McBride is a loving person who knows when to act upon a situation but also is very intelligent in a “street smart and book smart” matter. I feel the author presents this in the story due to how it mentions McBride’s background and his credentials. Some of these are that McBride has served over 35 years in the Los Angeles County Shieff’s department (obtaining the rank of sergeant), worked 28 years also in the gang unit of Los Angeles, worked in the Safe Streets Bureau, and is now currently the president of the California Gang Investigators Association. McBride truly put a lot of time in his work field and the author mentioning his credentials goes past what McBride says about himself. When discussing how McBride’s personality affects the story, he mostly seems to contribute to the youth. The reason this is said is because of how McBride speaks to the future to change past results. Gangs grow very quickly and it all starts from the roots. McBride seems to have such a strong passion to change gang size and trouble that he is willing to go to the source and speak publicly when other people do not. McBride contributes to the community because he doesn’t kill or handcuffs a villain, but prevents future ones from growing. Overall, McBride is a character who is loving and dedicated to his work and the author reveals this through his credentials and his contribution to his community.

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