Daniel`s Story Reflection


  1. Before I read the book “Daniels Story" I had known of the Holocaust, but my knowledge wasn't the best and I always wanted to learn more about it and what actually happened. As I read through this book and checked out online websites, I was starting to wish that I haven`t ever even heard of the Holocaust and or haven`t looked into it. This was not out of disrespect or anything of that matter, I really just could not handle what had happened to the Jews and I felt extreme sorrow and sadness from there experiences and losses. No one, no matter what the situation or problem, should have to deal with the pain or sorrow the Nazi`s brought upon the Jews. This is how I felt before and after gaining knowledge about the Holocaust.  
  2. If I had to choose a character from Daniels story that stood out the most to me, it would most likely be Father Joseph. The reason why Father Joseph would be the man that stood out to me is because of how he was a enormous part of Daniel and his survival. Father Joseph was a very smart and mindful man who knew carpentry and many other life skills. He always risked breaking the rules in Lodz, Poland, Auschwitz, and even Buchenwald. He gave (not only to Daniel but his whole family) himself up to ensure that they would be safe and that is a skill that makes me think highly of him and isn't a skill that is in every human being. Father Joseph stood out to me the most because of his unselfishness and his love for his family.  
  3. Of the four parts in “Daniel`s Story”, the part that made the biggest impression on me would have to be Pictures of Auschwitz. This part of the story really made a big impression on me because of how it showed me what really went on in the concentration camps and what suffering the Jews went through. Parts in particular that made me show sorrow and grief were when the Jews suffered starvation, family`s (like Daniels) were split apart either to work or to be sent to the gas chambers to die, or even when Daniel had to take pictures of the pit of burning bodies in the camp. All of these parts made me realize that these actions were very unnecessary and that the Jews endured unthinkable physical and emotional pains. Pictures of Auschwitz was very hard for me to read but it really left a impression on me about what really happened in the Holocaust.
  4. If I met a teenager who did not know of the Holocaust and its events, I would do everything in my path to convince that teen to study it. I would convince the teen to study the Holocaust by showing him/her brief explanations and personal stories from Jews and others involved with the Holocaust to see if the teen would be interested in the topic. I said early that I would even do more than this or “anything in my path” because of how the Holocaust is a very important event that made a very large group of people suffer for no reason. This must be widely studied because of how we cannot have another event like this happen in society occur and bring pain to this mass extent of people again. I would try everything I can to convince this teen by using factual information and my own reasoning.