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For my short story I’m going to incorporate the concepts of characterization by exposing the setting and the characters In my short story, I can imitate my book by making my short story a very dark dark sense of humor. The moods are very easy to match together they are both kinda sad themed storylines

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In my book allegedly is doesn’t really have any type of humor in it. Allegedly is a very sinister book and has no times where humor would be appropriate,no one would feel comfortable about putting humor into a book that was based on a little girl killing her baby sister and then becoming pregnant years later and wanting to keep the baby. A way you could possibly insert humor was by maybe making little jokes between the other kids in the group home that is really the only way o could think on inserting humor into “allegedly”

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The author introduces Mary by giving more details about her and about her life before she was put into a home. Mary was getting an ultrasound with her boyfriend and the doctor gave her money to go get prenatal vitamins,and while at the local drugstore a worked was trying to help her find the right vitamins and her boyfriend thought he was trying to hit on her. He got so mad that he tried to punch the kid and he pretended to hug her and he snuck the pills into her purse and they left. He then told her that the reasons he had so many scar and bruises on him because at his home that he lives at is an all boys home and all they do is fight and he is used to having to fight others because he was put into the home. He was put into a home as a child because as a child he was forced into gang tendencies and was forced to steal as a kid and if he got caught or didn’t do a good enough job he was beaten by members of his gang and he had to learn to fight back or he wouldn’t of made it through his younger years. I hope this week goes by very fast because next week is the fair and ive been waiting all year for the foods that come to the fair. some of my favorite things to eat at the fair as bissingers apple dumplings, and Denny and pearls pizza are my favorite .

allegedly by Tiffany D. Jackson

The book I am reading is about a girl Mary whose mother just had given birth to a girl about three months old, Mary the main character was 9 at the time when the mother found the child not breathing after putting her to bed. the child’s death was investigated to turn to be a murder by strangling, Mary was the first to blame for the murder. Mary was charged as guilty and was put into a juvenile institution and then was moved to multiple group homes for troubled children. Mary is now 16 years old and she recently found out she is pregnant by her boyfriend from across town in another group home. the head mistress is fighting for Mary to get an abortion or either get rid of the child as soon as the birth, Mary is strongly against it because she doesn’t want he child growing up the cruel way she did. I like the main character Mary I think she is right for accepting her fate and taking charge of her mistakes and trying to keep her child. Reading this article makes me think about how much Mary is going through