Blog 14: Read-entalism-tigo

Part 1: Well this is late and I am sorry but the book I am currently reading is little women I started reading this book shortly after watching the movie (which I watched several times it was very good) So one of my favorite parts of the book is basically there are four sisters and one of them got really mad at two of her sisters for going to see a play without her so she burnt the book of the sister who is the writer of the family and then the fought and I really have no idea why I like this part but it is pretty good would recommend it (also that description was so bad and I’m sorry). To finish this section reading time on Friday is the only time I would read so it did help but that doesn’t happen anymore so there is that.

Part 2: My take away from this unit is that it was really hard and gave me a headache. Hence why most of my assignments are incomplete because I was super stuck and I just left it for a later date which I guess is today.

Part 3: My thoughts are we are not going to view the film but before school got canceled, my thoughts were that I was shocked by all the things I learned about the movie and was ready to watch it I suppose.


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