Blog 11: Argumentative Reflection

So my understanding on this whole situation is very limited and most of the time I am pretty lost. I say this because my table is incredibly distracting however I have a basic understanding on the current topic we are learning in class. The debates that have gone so far are pretty easy to understand some not as good as others but overall nothing incredibly bad. I Feel that when it will be my turn to debate I will shake like a leaf and barely be able to talk without stuttering. I am very scared and the anxiety that this is causing is really not a pleasant feeling. Because I am overly stressed currently the debate has taken the backburner due to the multiple things I have had to do in the past week and today. And this blog post is one of the many things I need to complete to finish off my to do list. Including the debate and this I have 3 projects due, and  3 homework assignments and most of them are due tomorrow I also have a test so my week is going so stress free. At the beginning of the subject I thought I knew more than I actually did however I am a dumby and I am wrong as per usual. The current time I am resuming this it is 6:45, and I have no clue how to continue this but I will try.. I really have to get my other work done and this is kind of taking up alot of my time, therefore I will tell what happend after school pretty much I am at Baileys house the fire alarms would not stop going off however when I sang a song from shrek the musical it went off so I have a manic voice, but I am not a good luck charm because the 49ers lost the super bowl and I was mad but I am pretty sure the NFL is scripted nowadays so the chiefs got lucky. However I do admit they played a pretty good game otherwise. I also got pizza which satisfied me in a little way.­

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