Blog 10: Topic Selection and First Thoughts

Well, the topic I have to address is raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars, and I am on the pro side for doing so. I think this topic will be pretty simple to do because it’s nothing too crazy, I think most will agree with this due to the fact highschoolers get paid minimum wage and probably want more money from their jobs. Along with the fact that many adults can’t support themselves with a minimum wage salary and raising it will help them out just a little bit more than what people are getting know which still isn’t a lot. I feel that I can do something pretty good with this topic and not get people angry like some of the other topics I could have gotten. I will approach it pretty simple and logically, the way this topic is meant to be approached, it’s not really a big deal. From my look into google about this topic, it seems many people are half and half with this whole subject saying that with the rise of minimum wage it can cause inflation, and another website says it helps the economy so there seems to be mixed feeling on the topic which I was not expecting. But now that I am looking more into it I can see why people are kind of split about it but I really need to focus on the positives when it comes to this topic considering I am on the pro side for raising it. Another thing I forgot to mention about my google search is on January first the minimum wage was raised to twelve dollars wow such an improvement from the eleven dollars and ten cents. I mean whatever helps a little bit I guess but that really isn’t that much of an improvement but neither is fifteen dollars. But as I said even a little bit more money than what it is currently or I guess what it was is going to help some people out in the long run, be able to support themselves a little bit better than they could before with the minimum wage raised to fifteen dollars.

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