Blog 9: Virtues Experiment

So my week has been pretty uneventful for the most part so I really didn’t break a whole lot of the virtues although I definitely did better at some than others. So the first virtue was temperance I broke this once and it was on Christmas day because we had a big meal (as you do on a holiday), and I ate a large majority of it other wise I ate just enough to feel nice and comfy. I broke the silence virtue once because I may have been a little mean on this day because I insulted someone when Is.  really didn’t have to but I did because they were mean to me earlier in the day so I just decided to say something a little bit mean to get back at my oh so lovely friend who said I wear ugly clothing (clearly she loves me dearly). I did nothing to keep this virtue in check sor it is checked for every single day that virtue being order. Resolution I didn’t really do anything to break this at all so zero checks in the boxes. I spent A LOT OF MONEY on presents and other things so I was not at all following this virtue in the slightest. Industry was one with no checks because I didn’t so anything to affect it. Same with sincerity,courage,justice, and moderation. But as for cleanliness I broke it a little bit by not showering as much as I usually would, normally I shower everyday but I only showed when I went out which was not too often. Some other virtues I didn’t break were tranquility, humility and compassion. Due to the fact that I spent most of these days alone because my mom had work all week it was a pretty lonely uneventful week so I would like to say that I followed most of these virtues due to the fact I did zero things to not follow them. I’m not exactly sure if that counts for me not doing them or what, however I didn’t do anything this week and that really includes keeping track of these virtues very closely. I just picked them off the top of my head, because that is all I can remember my brain is the size of a literal pea so sorry this is awful. In an effort to help make this a tad bit longer I will explain the events of my week. On wed. I went to school and took a test that I thought was on a different day and cried because I knew that I failed it. Thus. was okay I went to the sal val with a few friends and broke something and felt bad. Friday I did absolutely nothing. Sat. I went to the mall and got insulted so I also insulted someone for saying my clothes are ugly. Sun. I did nothing what a surprise, Monday I did nothing. Tues. I went to my friends house. And on wed. I opened presents alone and ate dinner. Thursday my grandma came over and after she left I went to my friends house. And then Friday I also went to my friends house and came home a 1 am because I was watching a movie that was very odd I think it was called the click, but not quite sure. So that was my uneventful week summed up very nicely and all the virtues I didn’t really pay much attention to.

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