Blog 8: The End of Poetry

So my first impressions of the “Dodo’s conundrum” was that it was for sure a poem. I am really not sure what to say here I don’t have a preference in poetry, and it is not my preferred reading material. I think that it was well written and I’m sure the author is very proud of it but I just was bored while reading it. I don’t have any thought’s beside the fact that I can’t wait for this lesson on poetry to be over. I can’t wait for this week to be over most of all because I have four tests tomorrow! I can’t wait to do them all and have a good time studying for all of them tonight! I also have a loner because my stupid surface pro is broken so all my notes and stuff are messed up which is fabulous! I am on cloud 9 I can’t wait for my grades to all suck and feel like the scum of the earth. However back to the matter at hand poetry, nothing is really helping me understand what the heck is going on with poetry because nothing makes sense to me whatsoever regarding this topic I am sorry. But I tried my hardest at understanding this topic but I just can’t quite get it. Along with that, I am really struggling to make this post any longer because I have all my thoughts on the topic right here. So I will continue to try and make it seem like this post is very informative and lovely because it is so nice and long.  Image result for poetry clipart


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