Blog 6: Finishing Your Story

The story I wrote changed quite a bit because originally the girlfriend was just gonna cut off his penis for cheating and he would go to the hospital but, things changed because I made it just a tad different. What I did was I had the girlfriend kill the boyfriend and then cut off his penis. After that I had her invite over his mistress on the boyfriend’s phone and get her to come over to kill her too. With a shard of glass, she killed the mistress and cleaned up the mess she made by killing two people. Then she jumped into a bonfire she made to burn the cleaning materials because she couldn’t live with her guilt. So I would say the changes were drastic and life-changing for the characters because they all died. I thought this would make for a really thrilling twist instead of the original plan which would have ended a little more boring then what I would like. Overall I enjoyed the conclusion I came to with my story and I think I made the most of it by doing what I did with it. There is however one flaw I think which is I really don’t think Gloria (the girlfriend) would be the type of person to commit a crime this gruesome.  I say this because she seems to be such a good-hearted person with lots of love and compassion to give but she did this? It doesn’t make sense but I guess she was hiding under that facade all along because she really doesn’t seem like the type and it keeps throwing me off because usually, the kind of stories I like are happy and joyful at the end but this is way out of the ballpark for me to be writing/ reading, but I think regardless it was pretty darn good.

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