Blog 5: IR Imitation

The book I am currently reading really has nothing to do with what I am trying to do with my short story is called Arrows and is a romance novel. The short story idea that I have is that a woman cuts off her boyfriend’s penis and it is all because of a dirty secret he had, he was cheating on her with a coworker which drove her to take vengeance upon him. Arrows really focus on teen romance at its finest with a complicated love triangle between a god and a normal guy but the girl Karma, has a child with the normal guy but both Karma and the god start falling for each other. I honestly am not sure what I should take from this book to add to my story because I really am not a fan of this book but also it is so bad I can’t put it down. I think maybe I can take the love triangle aspect from my current book and incorporate it into my short story. I say this because since the man will be cheating on his girlfriend it adds a complication with the man, his mistress, and his girlfriend. Otherwise, I do not really see anything I would like to incorporate into my story due to the fact that the book I chose is a carbon copy of all other romance books in my personal opinion. To compare Arrows has like a happy, boring tone and as for the short story, I plan to write I want it to have a thriller and spooky tone to really give anyone reading it an incentive to keep reading it. Arrows have no wow factor to it and does not keep me at the edge at my seat, but at this point, I am too far in the book to stop reading it. But I will, however, try to incorporate a love triangle into my short story because of this cheating boyfriend idea I have, and I think it will keep readers at the edge of their seat trying to find out what is going to happen next with this cheating boyfriend and his member.

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