Blog 14: Read-entalism-tigo

Part 1: Well this is late and I am sorry but the book I am currently reading is little women I started reading this book shortly after watching the movie (which I watched several times it was very good) So one of my favorite parts of the book is basically there are four sisters and one of them got really mad at two of her sisters for going to see a play without her so she burnt the book of the sister who is the writer of the family and then the fought and I really have no idea why I like this part but it is pretty good would recommend it (also that description was so bad and I’m sorry). To finish this section reading time on Friday is the only time I would read so it did help but that doesn’t happen anymore so there is that.

Part 2: My take away from this unit is that it was really hard and gave me a headache. Hence why most of my assignments are incomplete because I was super stuck and I just left it for a later date which I guess is today.

Part 3: My thoughts are we are not going to view the film but before school got canceled, my thoughts were that I was shocked by all the things I learned about the movie and was ready to watch it I suppose.


Blog 13: Song of Myself

So this poem was something that confused me beyond belief, poetry has never been my thing and I have a feeling that will never change. I am really relying on two members of my tabled who actually know something about this topic because usually, I have a lot of input however I have no words for this. I have no idea how to analyze a poem or how to figure out what it means because It makes almost 0 sense to me. I am so sorry that that is the case but it really just is, and as for the section we were assigned it literally could be any part of the poem but I still couldn’t get it through my thick skull what the hell is going on. I really am relying on my group to pull through because I am so lost and need all the help I can get, however, I hate relying on other people to get work done on time because I don’t know how reliable they can be. Well see I checked everything this morning and almost zero processes have been made since Friday so it looks like I will take the little time out of my day to figure this out. I am already super busy trying to get work done because  I procrastinate all day even though I really shouldn’t because my grades are SUFFERING due to me being always tired from staying up to get my work done. Oh and last night I fell asleep and got zero work done so I am doing FAB, although no one asked and this is supposed to be about poetry I have nothing to say except I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING. and I need a freaking break school is killing me and I can’t handle it anymore I think I need to retire early and never read poetry again. I wish that I just understood everything and was not the kind of person to stress about something that I should have had done earlier. Well to restate the main topic of this blog I am completely lost and screwed so :).

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Blog 12: Thoreau’s Attempt

I’m just going to jump right into it because I really don’t have anything else to say…


 What connections can you make between Thoreau’s thoughts and Emerson’s?

Both Emerson and Thoreau loved nature. They both lived at Walden pond. Both of them believed that people should search for the truths in nature.

What is the main idea of the first portion of the excerpt “Where I Lived and What I Lived For?” What is the main point of “The Conclusion?”

In the conclusion of the story, he speaks about his departure from the woods he explains it by the movement from one part of his life to another.

What would be the benefits of Thoreau’s leaving behind society to live in the woods experiment? What would you miss? Could you do it?

Before Thoreau could build and move into his house at Walden Pond, he needed to make a plan and gather the necessary materials. Since his project was an experiment in living simply and deliberately, whenever possible he tried to reuse materials instead of purchasing new supplies and to spend money on essential items.

there is literally no way I could do this and I would miss everything I am insufficient, and a lazy gal so there is no way I could ever do this. Props to him for doing this in the modern-day I feel like it would be even harder to do this because when we are done with something we just throw it away and buy something new. Living simply is far easier and this may be nice but not a lot of people could do the experiment. As I said especially know with the number of resources and how easy they are to get many people probably don’t see the point in reusing materials, preserving nature, etc. which is sad but true a lot of people just don’t care.

 What should a modern reader take out of anything we’ve read in regards to Transcendentalism? Why?

Transcendentalism in society today is prevalent in many aspects of life as we know it. … To Transcendentalists, nature is the center of everything, so protection of nature is key. Today, many people see the harm that society puts on nature.


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Blog 11: Argumentative Reflection

So my understanding on this whole situation is very limited and most of the time I am pretty lost. I say this because my table is incredibly distracting however I have a basic understanding on the current topic we are learning in class. The debates that have gone so far are pretty easy to understand some not as good as others but overall nothing incredibly bad. I Feel that when it will be my turn to debate I will shake like a leaf and barely be able to talk without stuttering. I am very scared and the anxiety that this is causing is really not a pleasant feeling. Because I am overly stressed currently the debate has taken the backburner due to the multiple things I have had to do in the past week and today. And this blog post is one of the many things I need to complete to finish off my to do list. Including the debate and this I have 3 projects due, and  3 homework assignments and most of them are due tomorrow I also have a test so my week is going so stress free. At the beginning of the subject I thought I knew more than I actually did however I am a dumby and I am wrong as per usual. The current time I am resuming this it is 6:45, and I have no clue how to continue this but I will try.. I really have to get my other work done and this is kind of taking up alot of my time, therefore I will tell what happend after school pretty much I am at Baileys house the fire alarms would not stop going off however when I sang a song from shrek the musical it went off so I have a manic voice, but I am not a good luck charm because the 49ers lost the super bowl and I was mad but I am pretty sure the NFL is scripted nowadays so the chiefs got lucky. However I do admit they played a pretty good game otherwise. I also got pizza which satisfied me in a little way.­

Blog 10: Topic Selection and First Thoughts

Well, the topic I have to address is raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars, and I am on the pro side for doing so. I think this topic will be pretty simple to do because it’s nothing too crazy, I think most will agree with this due to the fact highschoolers get paid minimum wage and probably want more money from their jobs. Along with the fact that many adults can’t support themselves with a minimum wage salary and raising it will help them out just a little bit more than what people are getting know which still isn’t a lot. I feel that I can do something pretty good with this topic and not get people angry like some of the other topics I could have gotten. I will approach it pretty simple and logically, the way this topic is meant to be approached, it’s not really a big deal. From my look into google about this topic, it seems many people are half and half with this whole subject saying that with the rise of minimum wage it can cause inflation, and another website says it helps the economy so there seems to be mixed feeling on the topic which I was not expecting. But now that I am looking more into it I can see why people are kind of split about it but I really need to focus on the positives when it comes to this topic considering I am on the pro side for raising it. Another thing I forgot to mention about my google search is on January first the minimum wage was raised to twelve dollars wow such an improvement from the eleven dollars and ten cents. I mean whatever helps a little bit I guess but that really isn’t that much of an improvement but neither is fifteen dollars. But as I said even a little bit more money than what it is currently or I guess what it was is going to help some people out in the long run, be able to support themselves a little bit better than they could before with the minimum wage raised to fifteen dollars.

Blog 9: Virtues Experiment

So my week has been pretty uneventful for the most part so I really didn’t break a whole lot of the virtues although I definitely did better at some than others. So the first virtue was temperance I broke this once and it was on Christmas day because we had a big meal (as you do on a holiday), and I ate a large majority of it other wise I ate just enough to feel nice and comfy. I broke the silence virtue once because I may have been a little mean on this day because I insulted someone when Is.  really didn’t have to but I did because they were mean to me earlier in the day so I just decided to say something a little bit mean to get back at my oh so lovely friend who said I wear ugly clothing (clearly she loves me dearly). I did nothing to keep this virtue in check sor it is checked for every single day that virtue being order. Resolution I didn’t really do anything to break this at all so zero checks in the boxes. I spent A LOT OF MONEY on presents and other things so I was not at all following this virtue in the slightest. Industry was one with no checks because I didn’t so anything to affect it. Same with sincerity,courage,justice, and moderation. But as for cleanliness I broke it a little bit by not showering as much as I usually would, normally I shower everyday but I only showed when I went out which was not too often. Some other virtues I didn’t break were tranquility, humility and compassion. Due to the fact that I spent most of these days alone because my mom had work all week it was a pretty lonely uneventful week so I would like to say that I followed most of these virtues due to the fact I did zero things to not follow them. I’m not exactly sure if that counts for me not doing them or what, however I didn’t do anything this week and that really includes keeping track of these virtues very closely. I just picked them off the top of my head, because that is all I can remember my brain is the size of a literal pea so sorry this is awful. In an effort to help make this a tad bit longer I will explain the events of my week. On wed. I went to school and took a test that I thought was on a different day and cried because I knew that I failed it. Thus. was okay I went to the sal val with a few friends and broke something and felt bad. Friday I did absolutely nothing. Sat. I went to the mall and got insulted so I also insulted someone for saying my clothes are ugly. Sun. I did nothing what a surprise, Monday I did nothing. Tues. I went to my friends house. And on wed. I opened presents alone and ate dinner. Thursday my grandma came over and after she left I went to my friends house. And then Friday I also went to my friends house and came home a 1 am because I was watching a movie that was very odd I think it was called the click, but not quite sure. So that was my uneventful week summed up very nicely and all the virtues I didn’t really pay much attention to.

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Blog 8: The End of Poetry

So my first impressions of the “Dodo’s conundrum” was that it was for sure a poem. I am really not sure what to say here I don’t have a preference in poetry, and it is not my preferred reading material. I think that it was well written and I’m sure the author is very proud of it but I just was bored while reading it. I don’t have any thought’s beside the fact that I can’t wait for this lesson on poetry to be over. I can’t wait for this week to be over most of all because I have four tests tomorrow! I can’t wait to do them all and have a good time studying for all of them tonight! I also have a loner because my stupid surface pro is broken so all my notes and stuff are messed up which is fabulous! I am on cloud 9 I can’t wait for my grades to all suck and feel like the scum of the earth. However back to the matter at hand poetry, nothing is really helping me understand what the heck is going on with poetry because nothing makes sense to me whatsoever regarding this topic I am sorry. But I tried my hardest at understanding this topic but I just can’t quite get it. Along with that, I am really struggling to make this post any longer because I have all my thoughts on the topic right here. So I will continue to try and make it seem like this post is very informative and lovely because it is so nice and long.  Image result for poetry clipart


Blog 7: Poetry

So far I have hated every minute of poetry, I dislike it and it makes me want to bang my head into a wall because I am so bored. If you like poetry that’s good for you but, I can’t find a single poem that sparks my interest. Not to mention my grade is suffering from this whole poetry fiasco and I just wanna crawl in a hole and not read any more poetry. I really need to get on my school work though especially for English, my lowest grade all because of poetry and my stupid work ethic. I really need to get this class fixed up and make sure everything is good before the break, so I can be sane and not think about the current 74 I am holding in this class. It sucks and I need to fix this whole situation before it gets worse, I also have to make up two quizzes in anatomy which is so much stress that I really don’t need right now. But back to the topic at hand which is poetry, as I said I don’t have much to say except that I really don’t enjoy it and that my understanding of it is iffy. Something else related to English is I got a new book called “Dorothy Must Die” which is interesting so far I haven’t gotten too far in the book but, so far I really enjoy reading it. I like it even better than reading the other book I have for independent reading, which is awesome at least I am free from that mess of a book. Everything hopefully will turn around because lately, my work ethic has been in a funk and I hope to recover from it and get back to how everything used to be.

Blog 6: Finishing Your Story

The story I wrote changed quite a bit because originally the girlfriend was just gonna cut off his penis for cheating and he would go to the hospital but, things changed because I made it just a tad different. What I did was I had the girlfriend kill the boyfriend and then cut off his penis. After that I had her invite over his mistress on the boyfriend’s phone and get her to come over to kill her too. With a shard of glass, she killed the mistress and cleaned up the mess she made by killing two people. Then she jumped into a bonfire she made to burn the cleaning materials because she couldn’t live with her guilt. So I would say the changes were drastic and life-changing for the characters because they all died. I thought this would make for a really thrilling twist instead of the original plan which would have ended a little more boring then what I would like. Overall I enjoyed the conclusion I came to with my story and I think I made the most of it by doing what I did with it. There is however one flaw I think which is I really don’t think Gloria (the girlfriend) would be the type of person to commit a crime this gruesome.  I say this because she seems to be such a good-hearted person with lots of love and compassion to give but she did this? It doesn’t make sense but I guess she was hiding under that facade all along because she really doesn’t seem like the type and it keeps throwing me off because usually, the kind of stories I like are happy and joyful at the end but this is way out of the ballpark for me to be writing/ reading, but I think regardless it was pretty darn good.

Blog 5: IR Imitation

The book I am currently reading really has nothing to do with what I am trying to do with my short story is called Arrows and is a romance novel. The short story idea that I have is that a woman cuts off her boyfriend’s penis and it is all because of a dirty secret he had, he was cheating on her with a coworker which drove her to take vengeance upon him. Arrows really focus on teen romance at its finest with a complicated love triangle between a god and a normal guy but the girl Karma, has a child with the normal guy but both Karma and the god start falling for each other. I honestly am not sure what I should take from this book to add to my story because I really am not a fan of this book but also it is so bad I can’t put it down. I think maybe I can take the love triangle aspect from my current book and incorporate it into my short story. I say this because since the man will be cheating on his girlfriend it adds a complication with the man, his mistress, and his girlfriend. Otherwise, I do not really see anything I would like to incorporate into my story due to the fact that the book I chose is a carbon copy of all other romance books in my personal opinion. To compare Arrows has like a happy, boring tone and as for the short story, I plan to write I want it to have a thriller and spooky tone to really give anyone reading it an incentive to keep reading it. Arrows have no wow factor to it and does not keep me at the edge at my seat, but at this point, I am too far in the book to stop reading it. But I will, however, try to incorporate a love triangle into my short story because of this cheating boyfriend idea I have, and I think it will keep readers at the edge of their seat trying to find out what is going to happen next with this cheating boyfriend and his member.

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