blog #5

A story element I could incorporate into my story is setting. The setting of the book I am reading is a big city in the future. This would go good in my story because I want to be able to create my own world and create my own events. Also a big city would be good because I want my characters to be business owners and cities are full of business. The setting would also create some extra challenges for my character to get away with the murder he will commit. Because it is the future crimes will be easier to solve and in the city there is a lot of people. I can develop my character based off of this as well. Businessmen who live in the city usually are only focused on themselves because they have a lot to do and I can incorporate that to my main character.  I could also incorporate extra conflicts such as Man versus society. Eventually the people of the city would start hating the main character and he would have to deal with it somehow. The diction I will use based of setting is a more educated vocabulary because my character is going to be smart. The tone of my story will develop throughout the story. It will start off a happy tone because everything is going good and the shift to a more dark and serious tone as the main character deals with the guilt he has. The characters will have drastic changes as they will be good friends at first then one will begin to hate the other and end up kill him leading to him going insane. The main conflict of my story is going to be man versus himself as he has to deal with his guilt which ends up driving him crazy as his life begins to get destroyed.





blog #4

setting is quite an important element to my book. it helps describes the different types of people and how they live and what they have to deal with. The setting also introduces the reader to they groups of people and teaches us how they live. Some settings include a normal urban neighborhood, a barren land, and a city. The barren land is for people who were not given a specific type and they get banished to live off the streets in the city. The city is where all types of people go to do whatever but it is not specialized to specific people. The urban neighborhood is where our main character lives and they are just simple people. These are just some examples and I am sure more will appear in the future.  Different parts of the setting also describe the characters such as the graffiti where the dauntless live show that they are rebels. Also the undistinguished people live in the barren place which is very lonely like the people are. The main characters neighborhood is very basic with nothing flashy because they don’t believe in showing off and drawing attention to themselves. Also because they only focus on the support of others so they don’t focus on having nice things for themselves. Also the setting creates difficulties for the main character. For example, she decides to walk home after her test because she didn’t want to come home early because it would seem weird. As she walks through the barren part of town she gets very scared because shes lonely. she then finds one of the undistinguished who she is afraid to walk by because he would start begging. But she continues and she then tries to be like her people and wants to help him by giving him food rather than leaving. So when she gives him food he grabs her which frightens her very much. Overall setting in this story is very important in helping the reader understand what is happening in the story as well as introducing the reader to the different types of people.


blog #3

My book “divergent” has not contained any humor so far. Up until the point in the book that i’m at the author has made the mood of the story very dreary and not a fun book to read. Also it would be hard to insert humor because the the group of people the story is about doesn’t really have humor about them but all they do is look to help others. The only group of people the author could really add humor do is the Dauntless but so far the book hasn’t talked much about them other then when Beatrice watched them jump off a moving train. Another reason there is no comedy is because the whole plot of the story is serious. Beatrice got defined as divergent which she cannot speak about anyone because her life would be in danger. There isn’t much comedy included with a person who’s life is in danger. It would make the book a lot more fun and enjoyable to read if humor was added. I hope as a read the book more I will find humor. Humor could be added in some situations. For example, while Beatrice is watching the dauntless jump off the train someone could come up and scare her or something like that. Unfortunately this may not work because abnegation thinks about helping others and not about themselves so nobody would scare her because it would have given humor to themselves which doesn’t help Beatrice. Another way comedy could be added is between Beatrice and her brother. The author could have added some love hate situations between her and her brother. This would have been god for me and many other readers because a lot of us have the same situation with our siblings which could help us relate to the main character of the story and help with the reader/character connection. Just little bits of comedy like this could help a lot with reading this book. But too much would ruin the seriousness of the plot and over all story. I hope to see some comedy in the future of the book.







The Author immediate introduces the main Character Beatrice. We first meet Beatrice sitting in front of a mirror while her mom is doing her hair. We learn the she can’t resist breaking the rules of her faction because she tells how they aren’t supposed to look at themselves but Beatrice takes a peak while her mom isn’t looking. I liked Beatrice because she isn’t afraid to break rules if she doesn’t agree with them or because they don’t fit her as a person. Also she seems like a caring character because she doesn’t want to leave her family and go to a new faction . Beatrice is the kind of person to be herself no matter what. Her faction has beliefs where they only care about others and will always help other but she doesn’t force the belief upon herself and does her own thing. Her role is the main character and who the story is all about. Her personality effects the story because during the aptitude test she ended up being divergent which creates many complications with her life and many others. Another character is Beatrice’s brother, Caleb. He is introduced riding the bus with Beatrice and is described by her as well. We know he likes to follow rules because he gives an old man his seat without thinking about it and he also doesn’t lie. Also he doesn’t show much emotion because Beatrice explained how he a emotionless look while going to the aptitude tests which is a very nervous time. I didn’t really like him because he gives me a feeling that he is acting nice and all until he gets out of his faction. His purpose so far is to add suspense for Beatrice because goes into the tests emotionless and comes out looking like he went through hell. My prediction for how his personality effects the story is he will be deemed “dauntless” (where rebels go) which will cause Beatrice and her family to go through an emotional time. Another prediction is Caleb will somehow reveal that his sister was deemed divergent which will cause much trouble for Beatrice.

Blog #1

I chose “Divergent” by Veronica Roth because it was a popular book/movie and people talked about how good it was and so I decided to read it. From what I’ve read so far the book is about a futuristic city that divides people into “factions” made up of people with similar beliefs, sort of like tribes in a way. Our main character is a teenage girl named Beatrice who comes from the Abnegation faction. She seems to be confused of why things are the way they are. She knows she doesn’t belong in the faction shes in because she always goes against the rules but she feels bad abandoning her mom and dad. Her brother on the other hand seems to take pride in his factions beliefs and never breaks one of the rules. The introduction starts off with Beatrice  sitting in a chair in front of a mirror that she rarely does because her faction believes they shouldn’t think about themselves and only think of others. She is getting her haircut for the aptitude tests which determines the faction they belong in. Beatrice takes a peek into the mirror while her mom isn’t looking ( already an example of her breaking the rules). She takes a bus to school with her brother and Beatrice is very nervous for her test but her brother seems to be calm. She walks into a room covered in mirrors and a women. the woman puts electrodes on Susie head and one on her own and she drinks a liquid and her test begins. shes in the same room but all alone a bunch of events occur that tests the types of decisions she would make. Afterwards the woman tells her only two factions were eliminated which is off because after each stage a few factions are supposed to be eliminated. She is determined “divergent” which apparently is dangerous and she can’t tell anyone.  One element I like is the setting. I think it’s a really cool idea to have the different groups of people and how they act with each other. Also thinking about how life would be like if that was real.