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The book I have been reading is Divergent. I have been reading this book for pretty much the entire school year. I never read outside of school so that is why. From where I currently am a highlight is when she found out she is classified as divergent and it changes her whole life. The weekly reading times encouraged me 0% to read more often. I dislike reading very much and I don’t think anything could encourage me to read more than I have to. Also to be honest even during the reading times in class I don’t think anyone actually reads.  My takeaways from transcendentalism is that you shouldn’t rely on others to make yourself happy. To be really happy you must find the things you like and believe and don’t base yourself around other peoples common opinions. Just live your own life on your own terms and do what makes YOU happy even if that means not fitting in with other people. Also I took away that we cannot separate ourselves from nature. We are much more connected to it then we think and we tend to forget about it because we are so stuck up on society. I am kind of excited to watch vertigo mostly because I like watching movies and not having to do work with it but it honestly does sound interesting. I did not learn anything that will help me figure out what the movie is somewhat about so it didn’t really change how I thought about it but I learned that the actors/actresses are really good. I think the most difficult part will be not writing a review but a critique. I fell like my mind will just start reviewing the movie rather than strictly focus on the fact its only a critique. Other than that I do not think this should be too difficult other than just getting myself to do it without being lazy about it.



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