The Author immediate introduces the main Character Beatrice. We first meet Beatrice sitting in front of a mirror while her mom is doing her hair. We learn the she can’t resist breaking the rules of her faction because she tells how they aren’t supposed to look at themselves but Beatrice takes a peak while her mom isn’t looking. I liked Beatrice because she isn’t afraid to break rules if she doesn’t agree with them or because they don’t fit her as a person. Also she seems like a caring character because she doesn’t want to leave her family and go to a new faction . Beatrice is the kind of person to be herself no matter what. Her faction has beliefs where they only care about others and will always help other but she doesn’t force the belief upon herself and does her own thing. Her role is the main character and who the story is all about. Her personality effects the story because during the aptitude test she ended up being divergent which creates many complications with her life and many others. Another character is Beatrice’s brother, Caleb. He is introduced riding the bus with Beatrice and is described by her as well. We know he likes to follow rules because he gives an old man his seat without thinking about it and he also doesn’t lie. Also he doesn’t show much emotion because Beatrice explained how he a emotionless look while going to the aptitude tests which is a very nervous time. I didn’t really like him because he gives me a feeling that he is acting nice and all until he gets out of his faction. His purpose so far is to add suspense for Beatrice because goes into the tests emotionless and comes out looking like he went through hell. My prediction for how his personality effects the story is he will be deemed “dauntless” (where rebels go) which will cause Beatrice and her family to go through an emotional time. Another prediction is Caleb will somehow reveal that his sister was deemed divergent which will cause much trouble for Beatrice.

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