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I chose “Divergent” by Veronica Roth because it was a popular book/movie and people talked about how good it was and so I decided to read it. From what I’ve read so far the book is about a futuristic city that divides people into “factions” made up of people with similar beliefs, sort of like tribes in a way. Our main character is a teenage girl named Beatrice who comes from the Abnegation faction. She seems to be confused of why things are the way they are. She knows she doesn’t belong in the faction shes in because she always goes against the rules but she feels bad abandoning her mom and dad. Her brother on the other hand seems to take pride in his factions beliefs and never breaks one of the rules. The introduction starts off with Beatrice¬† sitting in a chair in front of a mirror that she rarely does because her faction believes they shouldn’t think about themselves and only think of others. She is getting her haircut for the aptitude tests which determines the faction they belong in. Beatrice takes a peek into the mirror while her mom isn’t looking ( already an example of her breaking the rules). She takes a bus to school with her brother and Beatrice is very nervous for her test but her brother seems to be calm. She walks into a room covered in mirrors and a women. the woman puts electrodes on Susie head and one on her own and she drinks a liquid and her test begins. shes in the same room but all alone a bunch of events occur that tests the types of decisions she would make. Afterwards the woman tells her only two factions were eliminated which is off because after each stage a few factions are supposed to be eliminated. She is determined “divergent” which apparently is dangerous and she can’t tell anyone.¬† One element I like is the setting. I think it’s a really cool idea to have the different groups of people and how they act with each other. Also thinking about how life would be like if that was real.

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