Blog #2

The book that I am reading is called Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. The way that the author develops characterization is really horrible but i guess i have to explain it. Now ya see I promised myself I would never ever write about this book again but here we are folks so lets see what we got cooking. The author sort of just has the characters talking and their attitude is mostly what goes towards the characterization. For example, Scarlet gives the private investigator hell at the very beginning for absolutely no reason, which makes you assume shes an ass. Her role in the story is the protagonist, and she is always on some different level of petty that we could never understand, much like most women. She seems like a very ignorant and rude person, but her morals seem like they are pretty intact so I guess we will let that one slide. Scarlet’s personality really makes the story for moody emo 13 year old girls who have daddy issues but thats a topic for another day. The author of this book really let it go downhill. I could rant on and on about how dumb it is and how I do not want to read it and about how it is very late at night and I was at Ella’s house till 12 so I had no time to do this but it is fine and now this sentence is a run on sentence. Man oh man if I could hit a woman I would hit Scarlet right in her stupid face for making me read such a stupid book. The thing is a complete waste of my time just like this blog but it is fine and I am fine. Oh boy how I wish I would graduate already but I know once I actually graduate I’ll miss all the high school fun and craziness with my friends during and after school on a daily basis. Anyhow, the characterization in this book is bleak and confusing and not descriptive at all so yeah do not read it unless you are stupid. Like me.

Blog #1

The book that I am reading is called Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. It is about a girl named Scarlet who lives in Venice, Italy, and has to ride a gondola boat thingy everywhere. The book starts out with Scarlet docking her boat and thinking about her grandmother, who apparently went missing recently. She then receives a letter from the police which tells her that they have ceased looking for her Grandmother due to no sign of foul play and no evidence to support any claims. The investigators tell her that she either ran away by her own accord or killed herself, but Scarlet will not believe it. She goes to the private investigator and has a chat with him but he will not listen, and it strongly frustrates her. I chose to read this book because the cover caught my eye and the lack of any sort of description on the book really just pulled me in. Plus it is a New York Times bestseller so I thought maybe it would be a good read. So far I think the book is stupid and boring but hey maybe I am wrong. There is absolutely no intro or characterization and the book literally just jumps straight into random stuff that makes no sense at all. It is obviously meant for teenage girls who are at a low reading level. Also, I strongly dislike how the author tries to use big words and phrases to make herself seem smarter when clearly she just sounds stupid. The one good thing I have to say so far about the book is that it is a good place to set my noodles on top of as I write this blog on my bed. All in all if this book was tossed into a fire and destroyed I think the library would thank me for doing them a favor in disposing of it. I could relate this novel to a teenage girl. It is clearly meant for them and I will not read a single other word in this book so help me god. Next week I am going to have to look a little harder for a book because I cannot endure having to read this atrocity.