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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but it is also a little creepy at times. Anyway the element that i am taking from the book i am reading and incorporating in my short story are the conflicts. I will incorporate this into my story easily because it was my original idea anyway. I would choose this element because I find a conflict that has a very serious root but is funny or at some points quite stupid really interesting. That particular point fits into my story amazingly. Mainly because it is the whole point of the story. Essentially it is a real bad conflict the whole time behind the scenes but up front what we think the whole it’s stupid silly adventure. I think that when conflicts are like this it gives the story depth and allows for a greater story to be told in a very short amount of words. Another element I am stealing from the book i am reading is the characterization. Specifically the extreme detail in which the book describes each character down to the last little details. Like in my story where I describe the main character Conjor down to the last hair on his chin. I chose this element because when I read stories I like to get an as accurate picture of the scene as humanly possible. So when I am writing my story I will make sure I do exactly that to make it an enjoyable read. I think when these two elements come together it will be a masterful short story. A story that is funny but also has a real story behind it with great meaning and one that leaves vivid images in the readers mind. Maybe, or it could completely flop and fall on its head.


The setting in Jack and Jill influences it in a way that is borderline confusing the more you think about it. Alex Cross is a detective who lives in a poorer neighborhood and young children are being killed in nearby park. The setting of how close it is to his house and his own children make him much more emotionally involved in the case.¬† This has a profound effect because it makes Alex take extraordinary measures to find the culprit. Like creating the informal task force of 5 very good detectives who feel strongly about the case like Alex. to hopefully balance the lack of regular resources. At the same time across the city rich people are being murdered by “Jack and Jill”. The setting of how different the social classes are and how far away they are makes it so that Alex doesn’t feel as attached to this case. But as time goes on the case is getting closer and closer to Alex’s front door.But the setting of murders happening in the “safe” part of the city affects the media. They give more attention and air time to the celebrity murders. Which hurts the child murder cases because resources are pulled away to fund the bigger case which makes it harder to solve.The overall feeling of the city also have an impact. How large the city is and how oppressive the feeling of everyone relying on Alex make his character stressful. The setting of the White House makes the story feel important too. When the killer s start threatening the President Alex takes his hunt to the White House which¬† just feels so much different than his regular cases just because the grandeur of the big house. Alex has the same feelings too because he feels as though he does not belong and does not want to mess things. I find it kinda crazy how small setting details can have this cascade effect over almost every detail of the story. In Jack and Jill specifically I think the author does a great job tying the setting in and having the characters react accordingly.