blog #14

Blog 14

Part 1- I am currently reading “Five Feet Apart” by Rachael Lippincott’s. I’ve been reading this book for about 2-3 days now. I am almost finished with it. I would have to say that the number one highlight of this book is the love story behind it all. The basic of how easy it is to get to know a person that you can’t touch or see or even be within a certain radius of. But no matter what I feel that the characters of this book over come it and do everything they can just to be close to each other even if that means getting help from the staff or their friends and even their families. They don’t act like they are going to die tomorrow when they are with each other. They act as if they are immortal and it is a real touch and go for the heart. I do like everything about this story though. I have never read a book that has made me cry but this one got me it really made me realize things that I have been asking myself for awhile. Even with our weekly reading times I was still continually reading.

Part Deux- On our unit of transcendentalism I didn’t really understand it at first but over time and with Whitman and “Song of Myself” it started to click a little and make more sense of what the unit was on.

Part Always-A-Trilogy- My initial thoughts is that I am not going to enjoy this movie at first. But maybe when the time comes to watch it I’ll be more interested. I learned that it is a classic film that many people enjoy and that it is an old movie. This did affect what I thought because now I think I might enjoy it and it has made me more excited to see it.

blog #13

Song Of Myself

At first I didn’t think there was a Point to this piece at all I kind of just thought like it was going to be boring or something I wouldn’t like but then again I do that a lot. But in the end I really liked it after I got to learned what each part of the story was with the symbolic reasoning behind everything was to be come a better person to make yourself better to go on a journey and not turn back. And during the whole time he continues to say that he wants people to follow but he doesn’t want help his point of view in the story made his writing different from any other piece I’ve ever read because of his point of you because of why he did it in in the end it was really enjoyable. I found one of the most important lines was in section 3 verse 14 “I have heard what the talkers were talking, the talk of the beginning and the end,” and this is important because it basically says that people talk and it’s one of our differences one of our mistakes is sometimes people talk but don’t know what they’re saying you don’t know what it’s going to do to affect other people that’s why I find it one of the most important lines of this whole thing. Some difficulties that I had with the story is there were some verses that I didn’t understand and completely comprehend but then again there was lotta meeting to all of it like at the end he was giving up it was time for him to die and he was ready for it but he went through this journey for his whole life trying to make himself a better person and discover himself and it really opens peoples eyes on what you want to be makes you ask yourself is this who I am is this what I want to be is this how I’m going to live my life and it will I turn around will ask for help and the only time he asked for help is from God and I didn’t understand that first I just thought he was giving up which he was but it was only because he didn’t understand himself so during song on myself there were some parts that were confusing the symbolic reasonings were very difficult but an overall stand point it was a complex but very understanding story.

blog #11

My debate topic was changing the legal drinking age to 18. While I thought this was going to be an easy debate. I shortly realized it was not as easy as I had thought. My opponent had a lot of valid points on why it’s bad but I kept my head up and ended up winning the debate. So over the course of this project I did have hiccups and I did get stuck but in the end it was good and I felt that I did good on it. The argument that was the biggest deal was why it is like in other countries and at times my opponent derailed my topic of choice and over all we both had some things wrong with our debate. And an overall standpoint I feel like it did go good but maybe next time try harder with forming a debate and try to have valid facts and stay on topic. In the beginning I didn’t have my thoughts on the debate I didn’t think that I would exactly win the debate based on what my topic was because there are a lot of flaws and difficulty with changing the drinking age to 18 so it was not easy but it was easy. I feel that the topic did come out great and both me and my opponent came in strong and ended strong with a couple of bumps on the way. It actually helped me to be the last group to go in the class so that I could see what the other groups were doing how they were wording things what kind of facts they brought in if they brought in strong facts if they came in big and ended big or small and to see who won based on what the topic was.

debate topic

My topic for debate is the pro side to making the drinking age 18 instead of 21. This topic I find not that hard I feel like it will be easy. If people were aloud to drink at the age of 18 there would be a lot less under age drinking. In a lot of other countries the drinking age is 18. If the age group 18-20 are not aloud to drink in bars and restaurants it leaves them to do it in more dangerous locations and depending on how much they drink all depends on the result and you do not want the blood of a teen on your hand. 18 is the legal age of adulthood in the united states. 18 year old are going to drink weather any one likes it or not. Why don’t we let them make their own decisions with alcohol. In 2010 alone there was almost 10,000 drunk driving accidents. It is a proven fact that not all of those were people between 18-20. There are actually a lot more accidents from adults at the legal age of drinking. In other countries that have MLDA of 18 there are a lot less accidents under the influence from drivers 18-20. the real question is why the government is so scared to change the age. It is proven that people of that age group have had enough education that they will not drink and drive. Most cases the only reason they are drinking is because they wanna break the rules. If we were to change it then they would not want to break the law so much. Because they will be the correct age for drinking. So breaking the rules will not give them the rush it would normally. Another thing is it makes young adults use fake id’s to buy alcohol. The laws that state that 21 is the cut off of drinking age just means that young adults are going to do it anyways. Half the time no one notices it is fake. It is just a better idea to make the drinking age to 18 and not 21. just look at the facts and notice to truth.

blog #7 poetry


My thoughts of poetry is weird it is a complicated thing to try and understand you can not be blunt but you can not ramble on and on about poetry and when you make a poem. My reaction for the poems that we read is normal I guess. I liked some of them but there were one or two that I didn’t like too much and that is what confuses me about poetry. If your going to make a poem does it only have to make sense to you? My thought on Eldorado is yes i do like it to me this poem has a lot to hide. Its short and to the point but also shows the mystery and the theme could be many different things. This poem shows true beauty and how it sets in the mindset of others. No this was not a monster it never was. People think that poetry is an evil monster because they don’t fully understand what is going on. It is a complicated thing to comprehend but it is not impossible. You put you mind to it you will understand and get it. I have always loved poems and the writers who create them. It is powerful words and always has a message. It helps bring awareness and helps a lot of people get out of a hole of depression and confusion. Some people sing songs when others go through that pain and write about it to help other people who have gone through the same or similar thing. Poetry helps its powerful it is the message many people are waiting for. It can be traumatic, sad, or even mad. Sometimes happy but it demonstrates feelings.

Book Blog #2- character traits

The book I am reading is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. In this book the author reveals two of my favorite characters in a fun way. Because these characters are completely different. Liesel M she is the protagonist she has fought for everything she wants and loves. After losing her father and mother she deals with a lot. Her brother died right in front of her and she lost everything. She was then put in foster care and stays with a family on Himmel Street. She is caring and never lets anyone down when she first moved to Himmel Street she was shy and had night mares about everything that had happened. But during the time of the story it is hard for her to keep a clear mind. She is a very head strong individual and knows what she wants.she cares about justice in general, and feels frustrated and angry at the injustices perpetrated by Hitler and war. She wants peace she is done fighting but she does it because she has to. The second character is Death he is the narrator. He is the guide that the story needs he helps and tells the story of Liesel. And her struggles of fighting. As he watches over everyone and controls life with just his fingers. But he is truly just a big book nerd he is understanding and cares because he stuck next to Liesel the whole book. Because he was there when her little brother had died and he had felt something. He saw her fight, give up, and even try again. He is a constant feeling of hope and great stories of all the things in the world. He finds meaning in the smallest things. Death is more human and not a bad guy. He proves to us how human an inhuman thing can be. He shows feelings and awareness towards things that even involve hitler. That is why Death and Liesel are my favorites because they are so different but in so many more alike then the people sitting across from you because how the author put them in the story and helped them understand.

Blog Post #6- Short Story Ending

My initial response is much different than what I came up with. I originally wanted to go with something a little more kid friendly but instead i went with the story of the kid going missing and the bulldog named Joe eating toes. My intention for the kid friendly story was to have my characters be blan and not me. I decided if I’m going to write a story why not have it be me have the fear and the adrenaline running through my veins.  In my final the characters make me think and imagine and that was my goal. The only issue was trying to put my imagination on paper. For the story to capture my true self and my true imagining and imagination you have to put yourself in the story. You are all the characters you are the story. Feel what they feel. Feel the pain. Feel the happiness. Feel the sadness. Feel the fear. It changed because I needed and wanted my readers to feel along with the story and not get bored reading a kid friendly story about Jack the Rabbit lost his shoe. My story might not be the greatest but for me it’s good. Because when I read the story i feel myself in the book and in the timeline. I am the characters and the story. I am the creator but also the reader. It makes me feel happy to know that if i can feel these feelings that possibly one of my readers feel it too. I like the story itself I enjoy the storyline and it even kept me guessing until I got to the end and finished writing it. I like how it fits its not only about one thing: it’s about 2 or 3 and it helps them in the end figure out the one main thing or conflict of the story. I don’t like the transitions or the dialogue of the story. The things we have been doing in class helps my story by giving me the extra step I needed to make this story feel.

Blog Post #5- The Book Thief

The name of the book is The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak. The books setting and mood have a lot to do with how im going to write my story. One thing I want to capture from this story is the fear by capturing this i want the readers to feel worried for my mental health and the jitters and looks on their faces send chills and the fact that the first time you read it you have so many questions because nothing makes sense but in the end it is on of the best stories you ever read. To capture the fear but making people second guess what they are thinking. To make them think that this story is crazy os the author writing it needs mental help. Most stories that people want to create is an exact resemblance of how they feel on the inside and how it truly captures their whole worth and sanity. Using this product just reflects to me on so many levels and helps me think of my story. I dont people to think im weird because of the story I wrote. I want to think im weird because the story captured my true personality. In order to capture all of this it is going to take planning. The setting, mood, theme, and characters all have to reflect and no the story doesn’t have to make sense to anybody else. As long as it makes sense I don’t care. I would like for the person reading this story to be able to visualize the story to be able to take it all in and make something out of it with their imaginations. Take it to the next level and make me think about the setting or how this fits with that. Help me put the puzzle together with your imagination. 

Book Blog #4- The Book Thief

The name of the book is The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak. The book I am reading has a lot to reflect with the setting and the mood of the story, but the biggest part is the characters. My setting takes place in 1939, Nazi Germany. During and before World War II. the setting is used by putting a certain fear into the minds of the readers. It makes it feel like your in the mind of the characters. It makes it so it is hard for the person reading the book to think how all of this really happened. How kids actually went through this. The setting brings a great deal of emotions out in all of the characters. It shows the struggles of family, money, and peace. During the time Liesel Meminger proves how hard life can be. After losing everything her brother, mother, and everything. She still keeps a strong mind. She shows how strong you truly have to be to live in a time of war and death. The setting impacts the readers by getting into their heads. Making them think and second guess everything they read.  In the book tells how Liesel Meminger goes through the struggles and the nightmares of losing her family. While she is in foster care living around kids she doesn’t know and having to give up everything except her caring heart. In the book there is a part where the mama and papa take in a little jewish boy. When the boy is on the run and had to give up his life because his family was gone too he had to deal with the fact that the only person he might ever talk to again might be Liesel and her foster parents. During all of this Papa is risking everything including his life if the Nazi’s find the boy here. The powerful word of this story really proves and impacts a reader that reads it. Because at the end when Liesel is the last on Himmel Street after the bombing. She is standing there while death watches over her. Because once again she lost everything and had to start over but how would she begin.

Humor Analysis on The Giver

The book im reading is “The Giver”by Lois Lowry. This book has a weird way of showing humor but there is shown to be humor. It is hard to show humor because everyone in the book does not understand the basic of humor. They are all very strict of funny business and they have simple rules. One way the author showed humor was in chapter 3 page 21. The little girl named Lily was having a conversation with her father when Lily asked “What’s his comfort object called?” and the father replied with “ Hippo” this is funny for me as a reader because out of all of the blankness of this story they little girl can still laugh at a silly word. It shows that me as a  reader trying to be a part of the story I notice it is a funny word because of the syllables. Now for another example I have not found. But that is because the book is so serious and it takes over the mood of the story. Many of the jokes are based purely on the statements of no one knowing the truth about the world. Such as color and beauty. But adding humor might be hard because of the bleakness. You could try to add more humor when the family is together. Because me as a reader think that a little child is funnier than the rest because they make inappropriate jokes at the wrong times. So say Lily got picked for a job and she were to put herself in a situation  where she could be lazy during this job and do nothing but she is only daydreaming it while the mother is talking to her about rules and regulations. But then she zones back in from the daydream to realize that growing up will be hard and she wants to stay young forever. Now this would be funny because her in her daydream she would notice that life is not all cupcakes and rainbows but a hard working labor. Now her mother would be relieved because she would not have to worry about her little baby jumping up and outta the house but wants her to grow up so her job is easier.