the infinite sea

I just read the epilogue of the infinite sea. the world is ending and its a clock counting down. On the farms, there is no wheat and no crops. At the coasts, there are earthquakes and tsunamis destroying them. many people have passed away from the plague. there are people that live in a house that are complete strangers and did not know each other when they moved in. One day on that farm, the people were sitting on the porch. suddenly they saw the tops of the fields move. they were about to shoot but one of the guys said not to which was a smart idea. After half a minute a little boy came out. this boy was a toddler. when they took him inside for protection they figured something out. they saw in the back of his throat was a wire. this wire had been planted by somebody as a booby trap. when they took a closer look they realized it was a time bomb and it was already too late. In seconds everybody died in the explosion and it incinerated the house.

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