Blog 5

In this story i’m reading and the story I am making the two elements Fear and teamwork are very important factors in both stories which guide the characters to survive and work together to make the story more interesting. The element fear is an important element in the story because it causes the characters to make sudden decisions or think smarter in order to survive. These two elements bring our important characters and characterzation between the characters in both stories it brings out more characters within the stories so the reader can focus on more than one character and you can focus on more than one problem going on at once in the story so it is not boring for the reader. The two elements effect the tone to make it more exciting and thrilling for the reader so the tone is very upbeat as the characters work together in order to overcome whatever situation they are in the elements make you feel for the characters in different ways. The two elements also effecting the moods of the story, the fact that everyone is working together and everyone is fearful of life or death it brings out different moods to the reader such as excitement reading the stories or sadness when the reader sees that something bad happens to one of the characters. The two elements can bring out emotions to the reader when something good or bad happens so we feel for all the characters. The two elements in the story really make up the story as a whole. They control the story or how the reader reads the story and feels for different characters in the story. There are of course other important elements but fear and teamwork come together to make a fast paced stressful story to read.

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Blog 2 “The Ritual”

In the book The Ritual, a very important character is Luke. Luke is very focused on in the book because he is one of four characters but one of the most important ones due to him dealing with the pain and loss of losing his friend Robert during a local store being robed. Luke and Robert go into the store because Luke wants to get more alcohol in his system when they walk in they notice the store clerk is injured on the ground then Luke hides, when Luke goes to hide the robbers come in to see Robert standing there they ask him for his wallet, Ring, and watch. Robert refuses to give away his wedding ring so he his hit in the head with a machete two times left bleeding out on the ground while Luke sat there choosing to not fight to defend his friend. This is something that sticks with Luke through the story, it is a personal struggle for him so throughout the story he tries to build up his courage to redeem himself for letting Robert die. Luke’s role in the story is the leader, in the beginning of the story it is shown Hutch is the leader (not the true leader) when Hutch is killed by the demon Luke takes role and shows his friends he is not a coward and will try to keep everyone alive. Luke is also chosen by the demon to be the one to obey him, during one of Luke’s dreams he has in the forest the demon leaves markings on Luke showing that the demon wants to keep Luke alive over all of Luke’s other friends. Luke’s inner complications actually help him survive giving him motivation to get out of the forest alive and giving him motivation to keep his friends alive or trying. Although he does not keep everyone alive he does escape the forest showing the demon he overcame his problems and that he is stronger than he was before because the demon chose him because Luke was emotionally weak due to the way Robert died and how Luke didn’t help.