BlOg 9:)) vIrTuEs PrOjEcT

Over break trying to not break any of the 15 virtues was kind of tough. I wasn’t sure how good or bad it was going to turn out.. I ended up breaking a couple of the same ones over and over again 🙁 oops.

on the first day: I broke 4 virtues.. the first, third, eighth, and ninth…broke the first virtue-silence, because I could not keep my opinion to myself that whole day, I broke sincerity as well because I was mad when I had to clean up throw up in the boys bathroom at work that night.. all of my anger came out, as you can tell I lost my patience as well when 3 little boys came in and made more messes, I tried to hold back my justice but I started a fight with one of the crew members who was a male because he had told me that the mess was there all day but I had witnessed it

on the second day:i broke only one virtue which was justice once again.. i had started a fight with my siblings do.( not going in any other detail)

on the third day: i broke 2 virtues- silence and patience. i broke patience here at school.. it was a half day and I was just ready to get out of here.. i broke silence at work that night when I had judged someone for added weird ingredients to their food

on the fourth day i broke 3 virtues- silence,sincerity, tranquility.  I broke silence because i was waiting in line and saw a lady on her phone not paying attention to her toddler, sincerity was broken with the same situation. tranquility was broken because of that lady, i was in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

on the fifth day i broke 1 virtue-resolution. I broke a goal virtue because i had decided to give up and try a different way

on the sixth day i broke tranquility once again.. i let something small that happened at work in the morning ruin my whole entire day

on the seventh day i broke tranquility (what a surprise) it was christmas eve and i got called into working until close so that literally made me upset all day


on the 8th day i broke frugality- i didnt take time to see what was going on, my day was rushed (since my parents are divorced and i had 4 houses to go to) i barely felt like i saw any of my family

on the ninth day i dont believe i broke anything

on the 10th day i broke tranquility for the last time.. i honestly don’t recall why but i believe its because my sister woke me up at 7;30 for abslolutely no reason.


from this little experiment.. we found out that no one is perfect, we all have days where nothing goes right, and thats okay! i found some things i really need to work on as well.. like tranquility for example.. i need to stop letting little things get to me and ending up ruining my whole day.



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