BlOg NuMbEr 5:) Imitation

There are many different elements in “Two Can Keep A Secret” that I can use for my short story. One element I can take right away is mood. The mood in the story is constantly changing. In “Two Can Keep A Secret” the main mood is kind of mysterious and dark but kind of ends up soft and sweet. I can take both of those moods and bring them into my short story. I chose mood to add to my story because I think mood is one of the most important elements of a story. I feel that way in particular because mood really helps the reader figure out what they are supposed to be feeling.  I am going to include both the “mysterious and dark” and the “soft and sweet” into my short story. Both moods fit into my story perfectly because my short story starts out sweet until the ending. My short story starts out with the whole “short and sweet” mood because of just seeing how these two completely opposite characters are in love with eachother and its a “meant t0 be” soapy kind of chick flick. It starts to get “mysterious and dark” when the girl finds out she has been cheated on has a huge mental breakdown. Read more blogs to find out what she does to ALL 3 😮🤐

BlOg NuMbEr 4-reading log -4

Setting is a very important part of any story. In my book,” two can keep a secret”, the setting changes a lot and every single one is very important. Setting is utilized by helping us find a particular theme for the story as a whole. Every single character is effected by each setting. If we did not have a setting in a story, we would have no idea what is truly going on. Yes, we would know a tiny bit but we couldn’t dig deep into any questions we have. The story would be bland without a particular place or places in a story. My book has many settings; The kids actual hometown (never told the name), Echo Ridge, and Echo Ridge High School. Even though there are only 3 main settings, each part of the school and towns are the extra settings. Where they saw the man laying on the ground… that was in between their hometown and Echo Ridge, that is a very important apart of the story. You see, without setting the story is really nothing. Setting affects all characters because some are not in the same as others so everything is different or they see a very different side of someone else’s story. Some characters.. like the twins’ grandmother is definitely the most effected by the setting. She lost her daughter in one town, saw someone else die in between where her other daughter and her self lives, and there is always trouble in whatever town she goes into. The setting is easily revealed to us readers because they just jump right into it with lots of detail, so there is barely any searching for us.

BlOg NuMbEr 3-reading log -3

In my book so far, there has been no humor involved. I would not expect there to be any funny things happening anyway. If there was, it would be literally horrible. My book has to do with the murder of girls in the town during homecoming week. There is absolutely nothing funny about it. I don’t even know a way on how to make it a little funny. If we had to put humor into the book.. honestly I think there is only one way; to have the characters die from too much makeup or even too much glitter on their homecoming dresses. That, in my opinion, is the only way to add a smidge of humor. Since I had already finished talking about the humor assignment, I’m going to talk about fair week so far. I find it odd how during fair week we can eat more than double of what we normally eat. It’s very strange. Since my mom lives literally a foot by Gate 11… I am there every day and have to make sure to get a handstamp since I’m always running to get others food..(mostly the old people). It is always interesting to see the kinds of outfits outside of my house.. and how cute old people match. Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great fair break. Enjoy!

BlOg NuMbEr 2- reading log- 2

I think that characterization is one of the most important things in a story. If a story excluded characterization, we would have no idea what the characters were there for. They would have no reason being alive. Without the use of characterization, all characters would seem unreal, or unfitting. In “Two Can Keep A Secret”, one of the main characters is named Ellery. The author brings herself and her brother in right away, explaining what had happened years ago and why the teens are going back. The author had told us -the reader- what had happened in Echo Ridge, but the kids would find out later. I think it is kind of strange for the kids to live with the grandmother they rarely see. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. After not even making it 10 minutes in Echo Ridge and there already being a death. We all know more horrific things are coming. I think Ellery is a smart girl and she is going to find out very quickly all of Echo Ridge’s secrets. I believe Ellery is the protagonist because she is always the character doing everything and changing. Her name is in the pages more than anyone else. Ellery has the personality of every teenage girl. She is very interested in everything she encounters. ( also called being nosy). Ellery is outgoing and always seems to solve every problem she runs into. Which could end up being a good or bad thing in her case? In my opinion, I think when she figures everything out… something even worse is going to come out of it than just a couple murders and missing girls. Since I finished talking about characterization and still need a hundred more words, let’s talk about life right now. It’s currently Monday morning, I had just remembered that I had this blog 🙁 I worked the whole weekend and had totally forgotten about it until I had opened my surface up. But it is finished now and that is the important part. I hope this week does not go slow because of the fair starting on Saturday. Which also means extra hours working and fun assignments to do while not having school. Well, my word count is up. Have a great week:)))

BlOg NuMbEr 1- reading log 1

I started reading this book called “Two Can Keep A Secret”. I chose this book because of reading the first part. So far in the story, the two main characters (twin siblings, Ellery and Ezra) arrive in Echo Ridge to live with their grandmother for their senior year of high school. The teens are staying with their grandmother because their mother was sent to court-appointed rehab. The twins’ mom never took them to her hometown because she left after her twin sister vanished during their senior prom and only came back to attend their father’s funeral. She also came back to attend the funeral of her neighbor’s daughter who was murdered at the amusement park out of town. When the kids got close to Echo Ridge, they found the science teacher they should’ve had laying in the middle of the road. He had been hit by a car and the person had driven away. From just reading 3 chapters of the story, I have mixed emotions. I feel like there is some kind of murder plague going around the town.  I like how the twins are inseparable and literally have the same thoughts all of the time. It’s crazy to imagine that you could have someone in your life who is just like you. I researched the title “Two can keep a secret… if one is dead” and this book is just like the tv series “Pretty Little Liars” because they say the same thing. I enjoy this book because it reminds me of movies and tv shows I have watched. The saying means that if people are keeping a secret among themselves, one person can guarantee that the secret gets kept by killing others. That is really interesting and makes me want to keep reading just to see who will be left at the very end.