“War Stories”

This Story takes place in December of 1914, still in World War One. Its Christmas day and men are missing their wife’s,parents,and Kids. One man named Marshal French the chief Marshall commander in chief was missing his parents and the smell of his fire place at home on Christmas day,Instead he was in a dirty, cold, and muddy trench. The gunfire from both the Germans and British sides both felt silent. Soon later in the night the Germans saw Lights going up and saw the British putting up some festive decorations. Later throughout Christmas Eve the British started to sing carols along with the Germans but only knowing some songs like, “Silent Night”. Early Morning on Christmas Day some soldiers from both sides ventured out into no mans land even though when the actually war is happening it is almost a guarantee that you will be killed while in No mans Land. They had multiple small groups huddled in the cold morning translating through the little french both of the sides knew. Marshal was worried about going out into No man land but he did anyway as he believed that the worst had already happened to him,disregarding his orders to not interact with the enemy. Marshal and the small group of men he was with exchanged things like cigarettes,buckles,medals,and even helmets. Soon later another small group started to play soccer with Helmets as the goals. Marshal was nervous about this game and didn’t encourage it as he believed that it would cause tension and lead to a breakout between the 2 sides. The game was mostly clean even without a Referee but sooner or later there was a fight between someone on the British side and someone on the German side. It was a mostly fun time though as most of the Germans found out that the Scottish soldiers did not wear anything under their kilt which made the atmosphere more light heart and fun. Meanwhile the word of these activities were getting back to Local German High Command where a lot of the officers were disapproving of these activities that were happening so the next Christmas that came around they were to report to the artillery and the people who trued to make ties with each other would be blown up. Marshal knowing he would most likely die on No mans land that next Christmas went out to once again believe that he had nothing to lose and wanted the war to be over and have enjoyment with the Germans. Marshal and multiple men from both sides did not return from going out into No mans land that Christmas. His personality shows that he is passionate and just wants to return home to his family.

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