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“War Stories”

War Stories is a book about Multiple War stories from World War 1 and World War 2, and how the real people reacted and survived to the situations they were put in. I chose this book because i enjoy learning about the World Wars as i have always found them interesting and good to learn about. Another reason why i chose this book was because i feel like it is important for us as Americans to never forget the reasons we fought these wars for, how we won them and the amount of lives that were lost during the wars. I want to never forget the people that survived and sacrificed their life for their country. The first story is placed in August of 1914 in World War One, it was located in a Belgian mining town in Mons a swampy area in Belgium. A Captain named, Arthur Osborn of the 4th Dragon Guards received the orders to go advance to France. This task was not easily achieved as his men were already exhausted from the fighting and traveling they had done in the previous days. Osborn was a strict Captain who cared very much of his men and their family. Osborn was faced with many battles in his battles in Mons, as they faced multiple German Units and Artillery fire from the Germans. Most of the time Osborn’s Generals had ordered Osborn and his men to stand and fight in the open resulting in many fatal casualties. Such as one example of Osborn’s men a regular Battalion would consist of 850 men and only 20-30 men would be left, Osborn being one of them,multiple times. One situations Osborn and his men were fighting when all of a sudden Osborn looked out into “No Mans Land” (which is an area of the battlefield which is a flat area in between the two trenches) and saw one of his men standing in the center looking out at the sky. Osborn asked the other men what they were staring lifeless at and none of the men knew. This was common as a lot of the men experienced hallucinations of Castles in the distance,and Angles and Ghosts fighting along side of them. Osborn was one of the only men to survive Mons while losing thousands of his men and watching friends and his men die in front of him took a very heavy mental toll on his life after the war.

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