“song to myself” blog

my first impression on my assigned section, section 6, was that it was very confusing and hard to understand. but after we discussed about it and read over it a couple more times, it started to make a little more sense. there is a lot of metaphors in section 6 and it talks about death and how no one ever really dies. when he says Grass, its a symbol of a person maybe himself or someone else. being a transcendentalist, Whitman is very passionate about the physiological side of death and about nature. Whitman believes that when us humans die that we do not actually die and that we are way better off that way. the most important line in my section is ” a child said What is the grass? fetching it to me with full hands; How could i answer the child? i do not know what it is any more than he”. there are things in life that we do not know but in this line instead of using the figurative version of the grass representing a person it is doing it. the first section of the was more of a calming tone and was optimistic about things, then it got into death and a not so calming tone and a lot of complicating questions about death. the things his talks about is very depressing and not an optimistic kind of view.the metaphors that he uses in the poem are very complex to understand and and it makes it hard to read it and comprehend it. the one thing that is the most hard with this poem is that if i misread or think hes saying something he is not then it messes up the whole meaning of them poem or the whole way i am supposed to understand the poem. when you have to read and concentrate on thinking about the meaning of words, sentences, or the metaphors, it makes it very hard to concentrate on both and get a full understanding of the poem and what he is really trying to say and what he means about everything.

Blog 7: poetry

so far i haven’t completely disliked poetry. some poems i do not like because i do not understand what they are trying to say or what they really mean. i really only like poems if its about something i care about or am interested in reading about, or if i can pick up on i easily. Eldorado by Edgar Allen Poe was not one of my favorite poems we read but i didn’t hate it. it took me a little bit to actually figure out the poem but once i did it wasn’t so bad and when i did the questions for the poem i actually felt like i knew what i was talking about. for me to like a poem i have to understand it and learn from it or get something out of it. i dont quite understand some parts of poetry because its all a little confusing, and writing your own poem is kind of hard when you dont understand every concept of poetry, but i feel as if i did an okay job at writing my first poem. once i really understand all parts of poetry writing feel as if writing poems will just come to me easily. writing poems is definitely harder than just writing a short story or an essay. i still dont like it a super lot but i dont totally hate it like i did before we started doing it.

Blog 2

Serena Van Der Woodsen is the IT girl of the upper east side. Everyone wants to know what shes doing and where at all times. The author reveals Serena to be a “dumb blonde”. First the shows her too be a bad girl who doesn’t care about anything, does drugs, doesn’t care about school. she gets sent to a rehab center and the that makes the whole upper east side go crazy. once she gets back she then she turns into a girl who wants to clean up her acts and get good grades and do anything to keep her past in the past. she causes trouble and the adults in the book see her as a bad influence. kids gossip about her and her crazy life. she gets lots of hater for the way she lives her life, when all she does is try to fir in to be acceptable to her peers. but through all that she is still the girl that all the other girls want to be. shes a model and known for her looks, shes what they call a “fashionista”. the way the author makes the reader seen her is you love her because of the kind, nice, spirited type of person she is, but then you dislike her at the same time for some of the things she does that are t not he smartest.

reading blog

I chose the book Gossip Girl because I have watched the show many times and it is one of my favorites. Also, Ellen and I were in the library looking for a book and we picked something we could read together so we both got a Gossip Girl book. This book is about the rich kids of the upper east side in New York City, and all their drama during high school and their crazy famous lives. I’m reading the third book in the series, and it’s focused on the main characters going on college visits to choose what college they want to go too. There are many main characters, but the two biggest ones are Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blaire Waldorf. The girls are best friends and do everything together, but they also despise each other at times and fight all the time. The book starts off with Serena and Blaire walking to their school, Constance Billard School for Girls. They talk about where they are going for a summer vacation. The girls are very spoiled and only want to go where they want to go and nobody else. Blaire complains to Serena that her mother wants to go to Oahu, Hawaii but Blaire doesn’t want to because she has already been their before. The girls and all their friends are all worried about what college they want to go to and if they will be accepted and waiting for their letters of acceptance. The reason for the name of the novels and the show “Gossip Girl” is because an unidentified member of the circle of wealthy kids has a blog on the internet where ‘she’ posts about all the gossip going on in ther lives, all their secrets, and their personal info. All of the Upper East Side is obsessed with reading her posts and sending her tips.

Character Assignment

Dallas-“Man, I thought New York was the only place I could get mixed up in a murder rap.”

I chose this quote because it shows that dally has been places before and in trouble before,and that he doesn’t have any care for the law.

Ponyboy-“Our hair labeled us greasers, too- it was our trademark.”

I chose this quote because it shows how ponyboy was real proud to be a greaser,and that he didn’t care when people called him a greaser.He didn’t think that socs were any better than him.

Soda-“Soda attracted girls like honey draws flies…”

I chose this quote because i think it describes soda very well because he is handsome and everyone loves him and he is outgoing and friendly.

Darry-“Darry hollered at me all the time…Suddenly I realized, horrified, that Darry was crying.”

I chose this quote for darry because i think that it shows how darry is always hard on pony and yelling at him, but that he really does care for pony and that he loves him