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my first impression on my assigned section, section 6, was that it was very confusing and hard to understand. but after we discussed about it and read over it a couple more times, it started to make a little more sense. there is a lot of metaphors in section 6 and it talks about death and how no one ever really dies. when he says Grass, its a symbol of a person maybe himself or someone else. being a transcendentalist, Whitman is very passionate about the physiological side of death and about nature. Whitman believes that when us humans die that we do not actually die and that we are way better off that way. the most important line in my section is ” a child said What is the grass? fetching it to me with full hands; How could i answer the child? i do not know what it is any more than he”. there are things in life that we do not know but in this line instead of using the figurative version of the grass representing a person it is doing it. the first section of the was more of a calming tone and was optimistic about things, then it got into death and a not so calming tone and a lot of complicating questions about death. the things his talks about is very depressing and not an optimistic kind of view.the metaphors that he uses in the poem are very complex to understand and and it makes it hard to read it and comprehend it. the one thing that is the most hard with this poem is that if i misread or think hes saying something he is not then it messes up the whole meaning of them poem or the whole way i am supposed to understand the poem. when you have to read and concentrate on thinking about the meaning of words, sentences, or the metaphors, it makes it very hard to concentrate on both and get a full understanding of the poem and what he is really trying to say and what he means about everything.

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