Blog 7: poetry

so far i haven’t completely disliked poetry. some poems i do not like because i do not understand what they are trying to say or what they really mean. i really only like poems if its about something i care about or am interested in reading about, or if i can pick up on i easily. Eldorado by Edgar Allen Poe was not one of my favorite poems we read but i didn’t hate it. it took me a little bit to actually figure out the poem but once i did it wasn’t so bad and when i did the questions for the poem i actually felt like i knew what i was talking about. for me to like a poem i have to understand it and learn from it or get something out of it. i dont quite understand some parts of poetry because its all a little confusing, and writing your own poem is kind of hard when you dont understand every concept of poetry, but i feel as if i did an okay job at writing my first poem. once i really understand all parts of poetry writing feel as if writing poems will just come to me easily. writing poems is definitely harder than just writing a short story or an essay. i still dont like it a super lot but i dont totally hate it like i did before we started doing it.

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