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Serena Van Der Woodsen is the IT girl of the upper east side. Everyone wants to know what shes doing and where at all times. The author reveals Serena to be a “dumb blonde”. First the shows her too be a bad girl who doesn’t care about anything, does drugs, doesn’t care about school. she gets sent to a rehab center and the that makes the whole upper east side go crazy. once she gets back she then she turns into a girl who wants to clean up her acts and get good grades and do anything to keep her past in the past. she causes trouble and the adults in the book see her as a bad influence. kids gossip about her and her crazy life. she gets lots of hater for the way she lives her life, when all she does is try to fir in to be acceptable to her peers. but through all that she is still the girl that all the other girls want to be. shes a model and known for her looks, shes what they call a “fashionista”. the way the author makes the reader seen her is you love her because of the kind, nice, spirited type of person she is, but then you dislike her at the same time for some of the things she does that are t not he smartest.

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