Character Assignment

Dallas-“Man, I thought New York was the only place I could get mixed up in a murder rap.”

I chose this quote because it shows that dally has been places before and in trouble before,and that he doesn’t have any care for the law.

Ponyboy-“Our hair labeled us greasers, too- it was our trademark.”

I chose this quote because it shows how ponyboy was real proud to be a greaser,and that he didn’t care when people called him a greaser.He didn’t think that socs were any better than him.

Soda-“Soda attracted girls like honey draws flies…”

I chose this quote because i think it describes soda very well because he is handsome and everyone loves him and he is outgoing and friendly.

Darry-“Darry hollered at me all the time…Suddenly I realized, horrified, that Darry was crying.”

I chose this quote for darry because i think that it shows how darry is always hard on pony and yelling at him, but that he really does care for pony and that he loves him