The book I am currently reading right now is It by Stephen King. It is a pretty large book, with around 1,200 pages, so it has been taking me quite a long time to finish. I am in the second part of the book when the kids are now adults and have to return to Derry to finish what they started. One of my favorite things about this book is the ideas that Stephen King can come up with. I love the idea of the clown being able to take the form of the kid’s worst fears to terrorize them individually and give each of them their hardest fights. I think that is cool because it adds details to the story that you won’t normally get. It also provides insight into the lives and characteristics of the kids. The one thing I don’t really enjoy about the book is the certain instances where King will write in a different format than what I am used to. Sometimes he spends a lot of detail on certain things and not others. He could be focusing a large chunk of pages on one small detail. Our reading times on Friday have kind of made me want to read outside of class because it makes me remember how much I used to read as a kid. But as soon as I leave the room all that motivation goes away. 

My initial thoughts of Transcendentalism was that it was stupid and that I didn’t think people in today’s society still think like that. But after reading the “Song of Myself” I see the connections between the ideas in the poem and the morals and lessons we teach today. I understand the poem a lot more after the presentation and test. If you take a deeper look into the poem and what Whitman is trying to teach it actually makes a lot of sense. I think that we should not only focus on what is in writing but what is underneath all of the fancy words.

Some of my initial thoughts going into the movie Vertigo is that I am expecting it to be difficult to understand the plot. I think that there will be a lot of ideas that will be hard to comprehend and that the director will purposely try to trick the audience. I learned throughout the research that the film is very heavily focused on details and how the movie appears to the audience. I think the most difficult part of the film critique essay will be the fact that I may not fully understand what happened without watching it a couple times. I might miss a few key points just because it will be my first run through. Other than that I don’t think the essay should be that hard.