Virtues Experiment

The purpose of the virtues experiment was to look back and reflect on what virtues you broke and how to fix them. Franklin created these virtues to make himself, and anyone that follows them a better person. This is a great idea because the virtues on his list are things that create a healthy lifestyle and improves the lives of people around you. This experiment helps a lot in this way because it forces you to keep track of everything you did to break the virtues and makes you recognize all the little things you are doing that can help change your life. Most of my broken virtues fell under dependence which was a virtue I created in order to keep yourself away from technology, the big thing being your phone. Lots of kids are very addicted to their phones and can’t live without checking them and they become too dependent on this technology. Over the course of this experiment I broke this virtue 86 times. This means I checked my phone for something that wasn’t useful 86 different times. Looking back on this I can see how much I rely on my phone even when I don’t need to use it. The day after Christmas was the highest amount of times I checked my phone which was 15 times. I think that this is because my family didn’t go anywhere that day so I was very bored and checked my phone a lot. I also broke the original virtue of justice which I took as not hurting people either through words or through actions. I found myself making fun of my brother or just not being constructive, which is just sibling stuff. Some of the virtues that I didn’t break the entire week and a half include chastity, family, humility, cleanliness, and improvement. I didn’t break the cleanliness virtue because I take daily showers and make sure all my clothes are washed after I wear them. I take care of myself and make sure I stay clean. I didn’t break improvement which is a virtue I created myself because I was always around my family who constantly helps me become a better person and teaches me right from wrong every day. I also hung out with some friends over the break who always support me and don’t bring me down. Humility remained unbroken because I never got too confident about myself over the break and I never let my ego get the best of me. Overall I was pretty happy with my results, lots of the virtues that I never broke were ones that I believe are the most important. Some of the ones that I broke a few times were virtues that I can easily improve and fix and the one big virtue that was broken I now realize is a much bigger problem and needs to be resolved right away. I think this project is a very good idea and the experiment is a good way to help people realize all the things they need to work on to become a better person.