Thoughts on “The Dodo’s Conundrum”

My first impression of the poem was that it was very confusing but I think the rhyme scheme and rhythm pattern were very entertaining. After reading the poem a few times I could grasp more of the concepts that were hidden in the poem. One of the key points in the poem is the difference between the real world and this man’s model world. The poem alternates between stanzas with rhyme and rhythm pattern and free verse, with the structured stanzas representing the model world and the free-verse stanzas representing real life. I kept bouncing between a couple different ideas for the theme or the overall message of the poem. It also took me a while to end up settling that the man was not actually on the train but just building a model train set. I originally included that he was on a train in my sound and sense questions but after reviewing the poem again I had changed my mind. I think the main theme of this work is that life isn’t perfect and you can’t control it. Some of the things that I still find confusing is I’m not sure if the end of the poem is supposed to signify that he is now trapped in his model world or if he finally realizes that he is watching real life go by because he’s too focused on his own world. I do think that the sound and sense questions were easier for this poem than the one for Eldorado only because this poem was longer and included more details that could help me analyze it better. By writing poetry I found it easier to analyze this poem because I know how to recognize the rhyme scheme and rhythm pattern and the other tools used in poetry.