Thoughts on Poetry

At the beginning of this unit, I said that I was going to hate poetry and that I was never going to enjoy anything we were going to read in this unit. But after going over some of the poems in one of the books I did find some very interesting ones, but none I would say I enjoyed. After reviewing the terminology and going over how to analyze a poem I realized that there is a lot more to poetry than I give credit for. Authors have to develop a theme throughout the story all while taking into consideration the rhyme, rhythm, diction and much more. They also include things like allusions, similes, and metaphors to help get their point across. After reading “Eldorado” I thought it was just another simple poem about greed getting the best of someone and causing their death. But when we discussed the poem as a table I realized that there’s much more to the poem than what’s on the surface. There are many different interpretations of the story, some of them being that the shadow that was catching up to him was an addiction and the beginning of the story had a happy tone to represent the beginning of taking drugs or drinking. But later in the poem the tone shifts to sad and depressing, just like when the person becomes addicted. I didn’t really like this poem though, I felt that is was very dark and gloomy and the overall message was boring. My opinion on poetry still has not changed, I think it is awful and I hate having to analyze the poems multiple times to look for the hidden meaning is very boring and time-consuming. I would rather read a story that lays out all the details and keeps the messages on the surface than read a short poem and try to decipher its message. I do have a new respect for authors who make very complicated poems and do a good job and what they do because it does take skill to create a well-written poem, I just do not enjoy reading or writing them myself.