How my short story has changed

From the beginning ideas for my short story to the end, my story has changed drastically. I started out with the idea of a nuclear attack occurring, which didn’t change but I was originally going to have the main conflict be survival. I was originally going to have the family that survived the initial bombing need to rid the air of nuclear waste or find a way to filter out all of the bad stuff, and also learn how to grow crops in the barren wasteland that was created after the explosion. But in the end, the main conflict ended up being between two different groups of people who survived the attack and they have to fight over supplies. I think these changes were made because it allowed for a more complex story and I think it would be more interesting to readers this way. The one thing that I really liked about this story is how I was able to create an environment where the main character was the good guy and every decision he made was for the benefit of others. The one thing I don’t like about the story was how I didn’t give the antagonist enough background so that the readers could understand how bad of a guy he really is. The reading that we have done in class affected my writing in this story by opening me up to the fact that diving into each of your characters really impacts the story because if I figure out every little detail about the characters themselves, I can write about them with more detail in the story. I also learned from reading these stories in class that not everything has to be presented to the readers exactly as they appear. I can write my story in a way that the readers need to analyze the words and figure out the main message in the story by having to think.