The “scary” characterization of Bill from It

In the book “It” by Stephen King, one of the main characters is named Bill, and he has a younger brother named Georgie. At the moment, not much has been said about the characters or how they behave, just some background detail to introduce the conflict and setting. So far though I saw some characterization from Bill and Georgie but mainly Bill. Bill has a stuttering problem and finds it hard to speak or even just say a few words when he’s stressed. It’s not as bad when he’s at home with his brother since he feels more comfortable. At the beginning of the book, he and Georgie are putting together a paper boat for Georgie to chase down the stream of water flowing past their house into the sewer drain. Nothing has been said about how these boys act or what other people think of them since its only the beginning of the book. I can already tell that Bill is more introverted and quiet. I can relate to him on some levels since I tend to keep to myself and am more on the quiet side. Except in his case, he has a stuttering problem and probably has a hard time at school or with friends. I feel like his role in the story is going to be big and meaningful. I have some idea of what happens after watching the second movie before reading this book so I can predict what he will be doing. I think he is going to end up being the person who brings people together in order to bring down this monster Pennywise. I also think he might blame himself for Georgie’s death in some way and that might get in the way of defeating the monster. But I also feel like if he has the right people by his side to help push him through some of the thoughts and hard times, that he could be strong and powerful. Overall I foresee Bill becoming a huge impact on the story and being one of the most influential characters in this book.