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Part One – Reading 


The book that I am currently reading is called “All the Missing Girls” by Megan Miranda. This is a book about a girl who moved away from her home town tens years ago into to create a new life after the disappearance of one of her close friends who was never found. Everything had been going well for her till she received a call from her brother asking her to come home to help take care of her father, and soon after receiving a mysterious letter from her father about the disappearance of her friend. She knew she had to go home but would bring back many memories that she didn’t know if she wanted to relive. Events start to slowly unfold as she returned home. Although I have not gotten too far into the book because I haven’t been reading it for too long I have still have read enough to say that I like the book a lot. I like is mysterious and suspenseful plot and the character. The only thing I would say that I  do not like about the book is that it jumps back and forth between the present day in the book to what has happened in the past. I have not gotten very far into my book because I only read it when we get time to on Fridays. I would like to read my book more often but I have so many other assignments to work on that I rarely get free time to read. 


Part Two – Transcendentalism


In class, we have just ended our unit on Transcendentalism and I would say that I have taken away a few things from what we learned. I would say that my opinion on Transcentenatlims has changed after I finally learned more about it and better understood it. Some of the ideas were confusing to me at first but now they make for sense. For example, the principle of organism, at the beginning of the unit if you were to ask me what that is I would not know how to answer. Now after going through the unit, I understand that it is the idea of life being a continuous circle, so when one life ends another one begins. This is something that gives me a better perspective on the world, that the end of one thing shouldn’t be taken as the complete end but just the start of something new, something different, or a second chance. I have taken away the understanding of this principle and others like it mainly from reading and analyzing Walt Whitman’s work “Song of Myself”. Whitman’s “Song of Myself” really gave me a better understanding of transcendentalism just by going through his work and breaking down what each line means. It really gave me a way to better understand the unit. After concluding the unit on Transcendentalism and after reading Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” I have taken away many new ideas and a new perspective. 


Part Three – Vertigo 


After doing some research on the film “Vertigo”, I don’t really know what to expect. One of the things that I have learned is that the type of genre, phycological thriller, is a type of film that builds up suspense by giving false information that leads to a completely different conclusion and it deals with the psychology of the character or the psychology of the viewer. I have also learned that the director, Alfred Hitchcock, is very famous for this particular movie. He has a very particular directing style in which everything has to be his way and perfect. Although he was known for being a good director he was also known for not being a nice person as well. The things that I have researched have effects the way I think that movie will be by making me have high expectations that it will be good and have a big impact on me. I think that I will struggle with the whole aspect of writing the film critique essay just because I’m not quite sure on who to write a critique. 

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