Blog 9 – Virtues Experiment

When Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea of creating a list of virtues in order to try and real moral perfection, he thought it would be an easy task. At the end of his experiment, Franklin concluded that it was impossible to achieve his original goal of being morally perfect simply because we are human and make mistakes, but he simply became a better person by having better self-awareness of some bad habits he might have. After coming up with some virtues, defining them, and trying the experiment myself, I have come to a similar conclusion as Franklin. I know by being self-aware of my actions that I make mistakes and might say the wrong thing, or do the wrong thing, but this is how we learn and become better people. When first starting the experiment I found myself having awareness of the virtues but not really trying to change myself but just seeing what I might have the worst habits in, so I could see where I needed to make the most changes. Through the next days of the experiment, I focused on the ones I know I was the worst at and tried to alter myself in order to not violate the definition of the virtue. Once I did this I came to a realization that there were habits in my life that I was forming and I needed to change in order to be a better person. The virtues I found I struggled with the most wasTranquility.  This was the hardest virtues for me because I find myself often worry about the things in life that I can not control instead of worry about what I can control. The Virtue I struggled with the least is Cleanliness, which we defined as basically cleaning yourself and your clothes and not littering. These were things I already did on a daily basis and had no trouble keeping up with. Towards the end of the experiment, it was harder to keep track of what I was doing wrong, mainly because of winter break, and it was hard to really get time to self-reflect on the busy day I had remember everything I might have did wrong. Now being done with the experiment I am not going to forget the things I have learned about myself and my habits but I will probably not focus on it as much. In today’s time, I think it gets harder and harder to find time to really reflect on yourself as a person because there are so many distractions within our hectic life’s that it is very easy to form bad habits. In conclusion, coming into this experiment I felt a little like Benjamin Franklin, confident in myself that I could get pretty close to perfect because I thought of myself as a pretty good person for the most part. I have found that I am not, I have more flaws in the personality and actions than originally anticipated but I have become more self-aware and every day I am working on fixing those things and become a better version of myself. 

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