Blog 7: Poetry

In class as we discussed poetry we have looked at an assortment of poems, discussed terminology, and started considering how to analyze poetry, my reaction has not really changed. Throughout middle school when we first learned about poetry I never understood it and did not like it at all. The teachers made it boring and gave us so much work to go along with it. This year learning more about how to analyze poetry to truly understand it has had a positive and negative effect on my reaction to it. I still do not like poetry just because of all the work that has to go into it to really understand the meaning that the poet was trying to convey. I still find poetry to be overly complicated with all the technical terminology that is involved with it. I just think that no matter what poetry will always be over complicated but actually learning how to understand it is helpful even with all the work that has to get put into it. So although I still find poetry really complicated I have learned ways to better understand it and analyze it. Through the work we did in class I was able to finally understand how to truly analyze a poem in order to understand the true meaning behind them. Now that I know how to analyze poems, I am able to enjoy them more because I understand what the poet is trying to get across to the reader. Learning about the supporting elements that are used to reveal the theme was also helpful in order to understand the poem. Through doing all the work in class I was able to better understand how to analyze poetry but I still dislike all the complicated work that comes along with it. My reaction to poetry has changed slightly because I’m able to actually understand poetry but they still remain complicated.

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