“Grit” Characterization

In the book “Grit” by Gillian French, the main character is Darcey. The author reveals her character mainly through her actions and what other people say about her since the book is written from her point of view. Through the first couple of chapters, the author reveals that Darcey is more of a somewhat rebellious, crazy, tomboy who does what she wants. This is revealed through her actions and what she says. Darcey proves to be somewhat of a tomboy when she gets nominated for being part of a pageant for a festival in town and wants nothing to do with it. She also shows her tomboy side through the way she dresses,  one of her outfits being described as a pair of holey jeans, a halter top and a pair of wedge flip flops. Darcey is also revealed as a tomboy by what she says by curse words being very prevalent in her vocabulary. The author reveals Darcey’s character of being rebellious mainly through her action. Darcey shows her rebellious character by going to a lot of parties that involve drinking and drugs and wakes up some mornings not really remember what happened. Her crazy side is revealed when after work one day her, Mags, and Nell all go down to the quarry to swim and instead of just swimming in her clothes she stipes down and jumps in naked. Darcey is also kinda irresponsible since she spends her weekends partying she does not focus that much on school. Darcey is also revealed to be kinda “trashy-girl” in town how gets a lot of attention from the guys. The author also revealed Darcey’s character to be somewhat secretive by repeatedly mentioning events that happened in the past but not going into full detail about what occurred. Darcey is definitely a charter that the author created to make the story more interesting and her personality directly affects the storyline since it is written from her point of view. My reaction to the main character, Darcey, is that she is very much an interesting character who does her own thing and does not really care what other people think or what the consequences might be.


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The book I am currently ready is entitled “Grit” by Gillian French. In the book, “Grit”, it is the end of summer in Maine and the main character Darcy is introduced. When Darcy not working her summer job of raking blueberries, she gets herself into situations like drinking and partying that cause her to have a  bad reputation. All the fun has distracted Darcy from some of the dark secrets she keeps that deals with a fourth of July party and the disappearance of her ex-best friend. When it goes to Darcy there is a stigma of her being a trashy girl so when she gets nominated for the Bay festival princess she thinks someone is just playing a cruel joke or someone has a score to settle. Everything Darcy has been trying to keep secret seems to be coming to the surface. 

Some of the characters introduced in the beginning chapters. The main character is Darcy Prentiss and she has a reputation in town for being “trashy”  along with her family has been dysfunctional ever since her dad died. Mags Prentiss is Darcy’s older sister who seems to be somewhat opposite from Darcy. The mother of Darcy and Mags is Sarah Prentiss, she started smoking ever since her husband passed away. Nells is Darcy and Mags cousin she seems to be younger than Darcy and innocent, Darcy also mentions that Nells is very pretty. Libby is Nell’s mother, Darcy and Mags’ aunt. Libby seems to be very nosey and controlling. A couple of boys also get introduced in the beginning chapters including, Jesse Bouchard, Mason Howe, and Shea Gaines. In the book, it is implied that there is some history between Shea and Darcy.

My initial thoughts about the main character in this book are that she definitely likes to have fun by partying and drinking with her friends all the time but there is a bad reputation that comes with is and there is more to her than what people see. 

I chose this book because it was a mystery book with an interesting plot and a girl main character.


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