Blog #14

  I’m reading a book called “The Living”, and it’s about a kid named Shy going on a cruise to make money as a water  boy. I’m only 30 pages deep, so I haven’t received any cool infor... Read More

BLOG 12: Nature

After reading the text, not only have I gained a lot of knowledge, but I am very confused. It was a mix of both. I would read through and believe I understood what Thoreau was thinking, and then read ... Read More

Blog 10: Debate

My topic for the debate is the cons of the border wall. Now in my opinion, this is tricky because of the many pros and cons that come along with this topic. In all honesty, I am not very informed on t... Read More

Blog 9: Virtues

Over the past week, I realized how imperfect I am. I would attempt to get into the habit of following the virtues, but I could never seem to remember them throughout the whole day. During those times ... Read More

Blog 8 – Poetry

My initial impressions of  “The Dodo’s Conundrum”, were pretty mixed. There were parts where I was like “Ohh”, then I read more, and some confusion would come. If the theme is a man trying ... Read More