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I’m reading a book called “The Living”, and it’s about a kid named Shy going on a cruise to make money as a water  boy. I’m only 30 pages deep, so I haven’t received any cool information, besides the introductions of all the characters. The one main thing that happened was a rich man who killed himself by jumping off the boat, and Shy saw the whole thing. This gave him bad dreams, and messed with his mind for the longest time. He would wake up in cold sweats, and freak out randomly. I just started the book when we started reading Friday, so I feel like I shouldn’t give an opinion based on 30 pages. I dislike how slow it is in the beginning, and could introduce the characters better. Fridays have helped me with reading so much, I never find motivation to pick a book up, but when I’m forced, I will read and gain knowledge. I just think I haven’t found the right book yet, I’m very picky when it comes to them.


My takeaway from Transcendentalism is not much. I just learned that nature is the root of everything, and I already knew that. Im’m sure it goes much much more deeper, but I just haven’t reached that point. Everything seemed like it was repeating itself over and over again. When we did our presentations, it did help me a lot in understanding the little things the authors were talking about. It is just way too simple of a topic, turned into something really complicated.


I feel like Vertigo will be really confusing, and hard to follow along. I was told the ending is a complete loop. On the other hand, the movie is really old, so I won’t be used to the acting. I’ll see where my opinion lands when I watch the movie. My sister watched the movie in your class, she said it was very mysterious and confusing.Her opinion on movies doesn’t match mine most of the time. I’m looking forward to watching it, as the opinions on it are all over the place.    


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