Blog 9: Virtues

Over the past week, I realized how imperfect I am. I would attempt to get into the habit of following the virtues, but I could never seem to remember them throughout the whole day. During those times of forgetting, human nature would kick in and I would do wrong. At the start of the experiment, I did not think following the virtues would be that difficult. Giving each virtue their own definition and creating a power point about them made believe that I would have a good understanding for each one. The tricky thing with virtues, whether Franklin’s or not, is that they are viewed differently by everyone. The choice behind which ones to follow/ not follow is not always a thought out process, but usually just second nature. Doing a study on virtues, especially on oneself, seemed unfitting at the time the assignment was given, being that it was over break. But taking a step back and considering the actual content of the study left me with the thought that there was no better time for the study of virtues than around Christmas. From gifts, spending time with family, to Christmas dinner, this was the perfect time to see which/ if any of the virtues I actually stood for. The virtue I went against most at the end of the week was moderation. I went to Marshall’s to get gifts for my family, and I spent more money than I imagined. Another moderation slip I had was food and drinks over the holiday. It’s hard not to overeat or over drink when everyone in my family is forcing their food into my mouth. Another virtue that was hard to follow was tranquility. My mind would race about stupid thoughts, and I’m a pretty stressed out person in general. On the other hand, some of the virtues were easy to follow, and I didn’t even have to think about it. One of them being cleanliness. I always make sure I am taking care of my hygiene, mainly because I don’t want other people to have a bad image of me. There were plenty more that were easier, but the majority of them were super complicated to complete around this time of year.

After checking each box off, and reflecting my decisions in the past week, I have come to the conclusion that the idea of being morally perfect is just impossible to reach. Every person will naturally over/under work themselves, eat bad food, etc. And there is nothing you can do to stop it, since you can never be perfect. Except, you can chart down everything and try to reflect on it, and work on your weaknesses. If you are looking to be a better person, this experiment can be longer than just a school project. I just made sure I didn’t look at my mistakes and get down from them, I learned. In all, I believe that this can open up the minds of self-centered people, and have a positive effect on the average person’s lifestyle.


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