Free Fallin’

I’m currently reading a book called “The Living”, and it’s very interesting. The main character, Shy, is described very well so far. His main role so far is to just tie everyone together through his own thoughts. He is a hard working kid from San Diego working on the Paradise Cruise Lines, aiming his financial goals towards helping out his mother. He is always down to try out new things people his age group wouldn’t, but also has anxiety. His didn’t even know how big a cruise ship was before he left on his journey. He is pretty stuck in his head honestly, always thinking about the past, present or future. Dreaming about getting girls, or shoes, etc. Except, this can be a bad thing for Shy as well. During the cruise a grown man was talking to him about his life, and Shy was following along the whole time. He was very suicidal, and this kept Shy’s mind racing. Eventually, he saw the man actually attempt to jump off the boat, right before Shy caught him. He held on until his grip broke, and the man plummeted to his death. This scarred Shy so bad, causing him to have flashbacks, and dreams every single day. He cared too much. This caused his friends on the ship to be very worried about him, looking after him day after day. Shy tried covering up his pain by using comedy, always brightening everyone around him. He values his friends very much, even getting his friend a cookbook that he needed, causing him to tear up. Everyday he is painfully pushing through the trip, keeping everyone around him secure. Throughout the story, all the conflict is around him, seeing the rich man die, and now is witnessing the cruise sink. He sees the faces of terror from everyone, the people crying, the pain in injuries. Even though you would expect his anxiety symptoms to get worse, they actually make him a stronger person. He eventually turns into a leader, guiding his friends throughout the sinking. He is the one everyone looks up to, slowly developing into a hero.

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