Cross-Fire and Plastic Surgery.

I read the story “Cross Fire” by James Patterson, and it actually had me interested. It’s actually the seventeenth book in the series, but is rated the most exciting by critics. What lured me in was the whole idea, I love action books, and this story reeks of action. Also, the setting takes place in many cool cities, such as nighttime Miami in the beginning. The intro starts off with a genius crazy serial killer named Kyle Craig, who knows the ins and outs of everything, escaping max facility prison to finish what he started. Making his own weapons including infinite lasting tasers, snipers, etc. Turns out he used to be apart of the F.B.I. But he got kicked out. He tortured and killed his ex-partner Max Siegel in his own house, and surgically put on Max’s face to blend in with the crowd. He literally sewed his face onto him. Kyle’s main goal is to murder the person he hates most, Alex Cross, a very successful F.B.I. agent. The reason he hates Alex is because he’s the one who sent Kyle to prison years ago. Alex already has cases he’s dealing with during this time, including assassinations of political people. The assassins are actually just normal guys with sniper rifles, believe it or not. Their names are Mitch and Denny, and they work for a higher power. This causes Alex to get off track with life, making him angry because he recently engaged his girlfriend, Bree. Alex sees Kyle Craig plenty of times within the story, but does not recognize him because of the plastic surgery. The conflict continues throughout the whole timeline with Kyle chasing him, and the snipers killing politicians. Eventually, the snipers get into conflict and Denny ends up killing Mitch for money purposes. Alex figures out what took place and gets cornered by Denny. Right before Alex would of got murdered, Kyle shoots Denny, saving Alex’s life. This made Alex believe it was actually Max Seigel (Kyle Craig), and started building a bond with the wrong person. Eventually, Kyle finally attempts to kill Alex, but messes up badly and gets shot in both legs. While in the ambulance, he kills everyone including himself, just to prove a point. Alex lives on to tell the story, and to live life with his new wife. 

I’m not going to lie, the whole first half of the book was awesome, learning about new characters and such. But, as the conflict resolved itself, it became kind of dry. In all, I would rate the book a seven out of ten for many reasons. The seven points came from the unique conflict of a serial killer going anonymous. The story lost three points for the ending though, having a basic ending with the hero living.


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