Blog 7

Overall I personally do not like poetry, I did not like it when it was first introduced and I do no like it now. It is just something that does not come to me, the main thing is that I do not know to read it. The words jump from one topic to another in like a couple of words which makes it very hard for me to keep track of what is going on. And most of the time poetry is just about love or sometimes pointless topics that do not even make sense. Just the poetry stories do not grab my attention very well or interest me very much, it may interest other people which it does but it does not interest me very much. Also while i do not think poetry is very interesting teachers do not make it any better because when we have assignments on poetry I always do bad. Reason being is that I do not like it i can not force myself to do something i do not like but i understand that in life i am going to have to do things i do not like and that is just the way it works. But when learning poetry it is very confusing because there are so many different types and ways to write poetry, read poetry and there are so many different terms you have to know. All of the terms are hard enough to begin with but i feel like you need to know them to be able to read and understand poetry which i do not. But also i feel like the teacher that introduced me to poetry made it bad right off of the start by overwhelming me on all of these terms and everything.

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Blog 6

My first initial thoughts on the short story was to have one person get captured inside of an enemy base and only three people where supposed to come and save him when he was captured. Although my final version of my story is a little different from the idea I used when we first started to talk about writing a short story. What I did was that I added more characters into the story for example i was only going to have three people in my story now i have 6, so i basically doubled the amount of characters i was going to use. I added these extra characters to increase the interest of the story and have more detail and a couple more things going on. The reason i mainly changed the story and put m ore characters into it was because i wanted to make the story a little longer, grab the readers interest more, and i wanted to add more detail into the story. Overall i think my story is a pretty good story it surely is not the best but is not the worst either. I really like the theme of my story because the short story that i wrote are the type of stories that i like to read. I like the type of stories involve life threatening situations and just war stories in general. I also like movies the same way like the movie “American Sniper”. Although there are parts of the story that i do like there are parts of the story that i do not like. The parts that i do not is that i feel like i did not use enough detail or intense situations or  situations that almost exposed their cover. I want to add these things into my story but i just do not know where to include them.

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Chasing Lincolns Killer

The book I am reading is “Chasing Lincoln’s Killer” and so far it is a pretty interesting book. There are many details and ideas I can take from this story and use them in my short story. In my short story I am going to write about a solider and his group trying to get their friend back from the enemy. The ideas I can use are the planning and the strategic movements that John Wilkes Booth did. For example sense everyone knew John Wilkes Booth he didn’t have to dress up and disguise himself but in my story this group will have to disguise themselves so they are not detected as easily. The group has to be very careful because if they get caught they are all dead. But one of the problems in my story is that the american soldiers speak English and the Islamic people don’t speak English. There are still multiple ideas I can take out of the story “Chasing Lincolns Killer” to put into my own story that I haven’t figured out what i am going to name yet. I find these kind of stories very interesting because it grabs my attention and keeps it, I also like these kinds of movies like I could watch them all day if I was able too. It is hard to find time to read anymore so I am kinda happy we are getting the chance to read in class. I am not a very big reader but when i find a book that is very interesting i can’t stop reading that same book, but the biggest problem is me finding a book that I would enjoy reading. The only thing I do not like about books is that they are very time consuming and i mainly have to read whatever book a teacher gives me.

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Chasing Lincoln’s Killer

There are a couple different settings that take place throughout this book. This is based off of a fiction story so the characters move from place to place fairly often but the main setting where the killing of our president happen was in Fords Theater. This plays a pretty big role in the story because people saw John Wilkes Booth wondering around the theater as soon as word got out that President Lincoln was coming to see the play. It is also important because of where President Abraham Lincoln sat on the second deck of the theater watching the play, and when John Wilkes Booth shot the president he jumped off of the 2nd deck. When doing so he broke one of his legs which slows him down in his efforts to escape. Even though he wasn’t caught on the seen, it ended up costing him to be captured easier later. Another setting is that this whole incontinent took place after the civil war and the North won. John Wilkes Booth is a Confederate and thought it was the best way to get back on the North for winning the war. Even during the war John Wilkes booth and a couple other people were planning to kidnap the president and hold him for ransom so the South would win the war but that never happen. So instead of kidnapping the president like planned Booth just took the open opportunity to shoot the president. This influenced the story and the situation as a whole because if the South would have won president Abraham Lincoln would have lived a little bit longer than he had. But if the South did win our daily life today would not be the same as it is right now. I haven’t got much farther in my story but I am really liking the book so far. It is very interesting on what John Wilkes Booth did and trying to think about “What if he didn’t kill President Lincoln?”, what if the South had won instead of the North, these are all things i think about but if anything went the other way i would still be asking these questions today.


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Chasing Lincoln’s Killer Blog 2

In this book that I am reading there is only really one main character, John Wilkes Booth. The author reveals a lot about this character in many different ways. For example, as the further I read into this story the more I realize how many times John Wilkes attempted to kidnap President Lincoln. Again all John Wilkes Booth wanted to do is kidnap the president to help the South win the war. But once the North won the war then the mission turned into killing President Abraham Lincoln. But John Wilkes Booth was a very very smart man coming up with plans, strategies, etc. to kidnap/kill the president. John Wilkes Booth plays a major role in this story because this story is all about him and his strategies to kill the president of the United States. John Wilkes Booth is the only real character because it is all about him, there are some other characters but the text does not talk about them just how they helped John Wilkes Booth. The character’s personality shows that he is very determined in what he does, if he thinks of something he wants to do, John won’t stop trying until he completes that task. His personality also creates conflicts because he has so much hate for the North so he wants to kill the president of the United States. John Wikes Booth is an actor, a very wealthy man, and much respected before this incident. John’s ID could pretty much get him into wherever he wanted to go. For example, that is how he got into the president’s box is by showing the guard sitting outside his ID and the guard let him in. My reaction to all of this is that I personally think it is crazy. I don’t understand why someone would put so much time and effort into wanting to kill the president of the United States and once you kill the president you are wanted for the rest of your life and 9 out of 10 times you are going to get caught. As I keep reading I keep liking the book more and more.

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Chasing Lincoln’s Killer


Chasing Lincoln’s Killer by James L. Swanson is so far a very interesting story. I chose this story because in history we are learning about the death of Abraham Lincoln and the effects of his death on the country. I thought reading this book would be a good way to know and learn more about the death of Abraham Lincoln. The story starts off taking place in the 1880s just after the civil war has ended and the North won. In order to celebrate President Lincoln, is going to attend Ford’s Theatre and watch the play “Our American Cousin”. But a man named John Wilkes Booth has been planning to kidnap Lincoln and hold him for ransom to get revenge on the North beating the South in the civil war. But John couldn’t come up with the perfect plan to kidnap the president and then John heard the news about the President coming to Ford’s Theatre that evening. Then it hit him John doesn’t have to go kidnap the president, the president is coming to him! A couple hours before the show starts he removes the lock to the door so he can just go through without any problems. When the play started John didn’t kill him right away, he waited for a certain part of the show when only one person was on the stage singing. After that actor was done singing there would be a loud bang and that’s when John Wilkes Booth would shoot and kill the President of the United States. Well, that is what happened and as soon as John pulled the trigger he jumped off of the balcony, but in doing so he broke his leg. By the time someone yelled, “Stop that man! He shot the President!” John Wilkes Booth was already out the door, on his horse, and down the street. This is all the farther I got in this story and so far I would say it is very interesting so far. As I continue reading this story, I hope to learn more and more about President Abraham Lincoln’s death, and how it affects everyone.Image result for John Wilkes Booth killing abraham lincoln

The Outsiders



“If we don’t have each other, we have nothing”(pg. 176). This quote represents Soda because of how great full Soda is with living with his brothers instead of a foster home. It also revels how much care he has for his family. When Soda said this quote Darry and Pony were fighting and Soda feels like he gets pulled apart when they fight.



“Stay gold Ponyboy. Stay gold”(pg.148). When Johnny says to stay gold it means to keep learning new things, stay a kid, and be a kid as long as you can. This quote revels that Johnny is caring, loving, and brave by his sacrifice to save little kids from a burning church, witch later cost him his life. Johnny was very wise and looked out for his friends and did anything to save anybody.



“I been carryin’ a heater. It ain’t loaded, but it sure does help a bluff”(pg.153). This quote shows that Dallis is a tough, and violent person. He’s always loved getting in rumbles and would do anything to protect his friends and the gang at whatever cost. When Dallis died he died by the cops shooting him… Everyone in the gang knew he was going to die this way because of how violent he is.



“Johnny is not dead”(pg.151). This quote represents that Ponyboy has a hard time letting things go. When Johnny died Ponyboy had started to convince himself that Johnny wasn’t dead. Johnny was his best friend and when he died Ponyboy did not stop talking about him. Ponyoy is a very caring  kid and loved his friends, gang, and family.