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Overall I personally do not like poetry, I did not like it when it was first introduced and I do no like it now. It is just something that does not come to me, the main thing is that I do not know to read it. The words jump from one topic to another in like a couple of words which makes it very hard for me to keep track of what is going on. And most of the time poetry is just about love or sometimes pointless topics that do not even make sense. Just the poetry stories do not grab my attention very well or interest me very much, it may interest other people which it does but it does not interest me very much. Also while i do not think poetry is very interesting teachers do not make it any better because when we have assignments on poetry I always do bad. Reason being is that I do not like it i can not force myself to do something i do not like but i understand that in life i am going to have to do things i do not like and that is just the way it works. But when learning poetry it is very confusing because there are so many different types and ways to write poetry, read poetry and there are so many different terms you have to know. All of the terms are hard enough to begin with but i feel like you need to know them to be able to read and understand poetry which i do not. But also i feel like the teacher that introduced me to poetry made it bad right off of the start by overwhelming me on all of these terms and everything.

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